Battle of the Songs: The Hunting Party League Fixture 1

Did we enjoy Living Things League?
No time to get comfortable now as The Hunting Party League is now under way with the first fixture
NOTE A new rule is to be implied here
If you forget to vote for a song or do not vote for a song then the votes for the other songs WILL NOT COUNT so if one song has 23 votes and the other 24 all the other songs will drop to 23 if all the songs have have 23 apart from one that has 24 then that one song will lose its vote and so on
So it is important to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH

Fixture 1

  • A Line In The Sand
  • Guilty All The Same

0 voters

  • Until It’s Gone
  • Mark The Graves

0 voters

  • Keys To The Kingdom
  • Wastelands

0 voters

  • War
  • Final Masquerade

0 voters

  • All For Nothing
  • Rebellion

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed

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It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do heads or tails. AFN v Rebellion was the only annoying one.

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Keys to the Kingdom vs Wastelands was a tough one for me


KTTK vs Wastlands hard one and not easy to choose AFN vs Rebellion

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This is gonna be tough, THP is my favorite album, right next to ATS.

Had the same problem, it was hard to decide between KTTK and Wastelands, and although Rebellion is my favorite song on this album, it’s tough to drop AFN. :sweat:

This one is gonna kill me every time. I can’t choose, I love them all! :frowning:

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@acemasters May your ears turn into a**holes and sh*t on your shoulders! :poop:
This is killing me!

I know it’s a joke, but that’s messed up.

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I have NO control of how the order of the battle comes out, it is randomly generated by the league app that asigns all the matches
Besides they all have to face off one way or another so why not now :joy::joy::joy::joy:

TOUGH sweat starts with first fixure…you are epic with yawords goose bumping, so I do the comfort way…WAIT & SEE is what you get!:stuck_out_tongue:

step, step up…
and finally

duties done

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Epic @The_early_walker thank you

Polls to close in 24hrs

Looks like that 3 matches will drop a vote because someone didn’t vote on all matches

I urge people to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please

Can you see who didn’t vote on all of them and tag them or not?

I don’t think I can

but mb these decisions are too hard to make all in once? mb it will fit also, if they do untill poll closes ? [show ya mercy face @acemasters

If they manage to vote on the other matches then the vote will stand
But they have 13hrs to do so

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Done just in time! Easy round for me.

(someone didn’t vote on the last two)

Yeap and i’ve been paying attention
I know what they voted for so their vote will not count

1 Person lacked, that a good rate, lol :monkey_face:
28 aint that bad…lol, the nr makes my day today :monkey: