Battle of the Songs: Chester Moments Special 2 concept


Hello my fellow B.O.T.S followers

Last year I did a B.O.T.S: Chester Special and would like to do the same this year
And this year I would like to have it ready in honour of Mr.Bennington by 20/7 (2 years to the day :cry:)

But first I need some nominations

Now I’m going to be doing the same as last year
Instead of nominating whole songs I want nominations of a particular part of a song that was like WOW

Example: Instead of nominating One Step Closer you would nominate the ‘shut up part’ of One Step Closer

This is special moments in songs only, but will keep an open mind

Example: Chester telling Mike he should sing No Roads Left

But please keep it song based

Group D of B.O.T.S: Live will go up very shortly

Now I cannot include everybodys but will look at each one

Please make sure you tag me in your nomination so i dont miss it

It’s Ready


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List 2


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List 4


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I need to think. I’ll tell you later, ok? have a great day :slight_smile:

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I would say you have 3 weeks before i put the list together

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@acemasters everybody has just one nomination?

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I have a bit of an unconventional nomination if that’s okay. It’s not from a particular moment of Chester singing. Lately I’ve been really appreciating Chester’s entrance on the stage in this video:

The camera is on Mike and then just switches to the stage from a distance as the crowd starts cheering wildly in the middle of Mike’s singing. For a moment you wonder what they’re going on about, and then the camera switches back to Mike with Chester pulling up next to him.

He wasn’t doing anything at that moment, not doing any screams or hitting any special notes, not even singing at all. He just existed, basically. And by just walking to the microphone he captures everybody’s attention and they can’t help but show their love, even though the song has already been going for a good half minute. And then he just closes his eyes and does his thing.

(Also, not part of the nomination but since I’m talking about this video anyways: I also always look at how, at the end of the song when he turns away from the mic, he just stands there and waves making a little smile, as if he’s not really sure why people are cheering for them, but he’s just seen it often enough that he knows to just accept it. So humble…)


Tell me what you think:

When Chester decides to record the tape of A Place For My Head the day of his own birthday for the band (at that time Xero) when he didn’t get ingaged yet.

When Chester sings while the band was doing the auditions and a man came in and said “If you guys don’t take this guy then you’re fucking idiots” and walked away. Chester tried to convince him to do the audition, but he said “There’s no fucking way I’m going back into that room. Singing after hearing you sing, there’s no way! If they don’t take you call me up we should start a band.”

When the label tried to kick Mike out of the band offering to Chester his place of leader and Chester in response told the label to fuck off

When Evanescence had to record Fallen and their label wanted Mike to collaborate with them in Bring Me To Life. After he turned it down Amy Lee talked about it with Chester and told him the label didn’t want her to sing alone because female voice is awful and he told her to “be herself and tell the label to put it where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Chester’s scream in Given Up, as I know the longest scream ever recorded 17 in the song but live 18 sec.

When Chester helps fans who aren’t feeling well into the crowd and tell to stop the music and let them breathe

When Chester sang along with a mother and her daughter who were waiting there for a long time during Crawling (can’t remember the concert)

Chester’s speech about love in Birmingham 6/7/17


What about the time when Chester broke his arm during a live performance, but continued the show?


18 sec scream in Given Up, @acemasters.


Right let me be a little clearer

@the_termin8r has the right idea

@evowarrior5 as epic as that is i wouldn’t classify that as a chester moment in a song
It was more the crowd excited to see him join the stage then him do something like the 18 second scream so i will ask you to go and think of another nomination

1st 2 is debunked as it wasnt a moment that fans can really get behind
3rd isnt song related also debunked
4th also debunked
5th i accept which means @the_termin8r you need another nomination
6th debunked not relation to a specific song
7th I would accept

So its 5th or 7th one

@jrtrussell that is more a show then just something to do with a song


RAR 04, APFMH “Go away” part. @acemasters


The “break” and Jay Z face


4:00 to the end

Edited to tag and add link!


@the_termin8r i will accept, however please put up a youtube vid for people to see it

@georkost i will accept the “i’m about to break part” of Collision Course live EXCLUDING the Jay-Z bit

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@mish3lka for now yes only one

Has it to be song related?

All my life
All I ever wanted
Was to not feel stupid :neutral_face:

My nomination is Chester’s insanely agressive vocal performance in War @acemasters


May nomination is Chester singing Rolling in The Deep by Adele at the lTunes Festival 2011

I love the whole performance :heart:

If I have to pick out a part, I would choose the two beginnings when he immediately and effortlessly changes pitches after Mikes intervention.

Hope that’s fitting @acemasters
and thanks for doing this :+1:


I haven’t been invited here so… I’m coming (up with):

I think we should also appreciate the choreography.