Battle of the Songs: Champions League Knock-Outs Final 16

I just realised @evooba haven’t voted either.

Yeah, sorry about that, that was kinda my fault :sweat_smile:. I thought I’d give her a false identity but then immediately realised that it’d start to annoy you so I told here it was a lie but she didn’t listen.

I meant, is @amitrish starscream?

Yes, he is for real. I thought you knew.

:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: @the_termin8r

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Well, he flat out denied:

I haven’t been voting for a while now, I’m not really feeling it. Sorry guys.

Just break the tie gridlock for once.

accusations, accusations!

Then go and man up against her.

Also, who told you this?

She felt rather insulted by starscream.

Oh! That’s some news to me.
Thanks for this info :slight_smile:

Insulted that he kept his identity secret I think, otherwise I didn’t know of anything else.

saw this right now … wtf…

#thank you guys for such a lot of your attention!!!