Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Music Videos Results and What is next?

Here it is the final result
In 4th place: Waiting For The End
Bronze: From The Inside
Silver: Numb
and the winner of B.O.T.S:B.O.T.M.V: Breaking The Habit

So what is next for B.O.T.S?
That is a good question that warrents a good answer

So we all know that a new LP song is about to drop!
Which in turn means that the next album is on it’s way!

Let’s give that time to settle in so I can do a B.O.T.S of that album and a Brand New Champions League!

So the answer to the question is
Maybe its time to listen to the fans and do B.O.T.S: Battle of the LPU songs/albums?!?

What do you guys think?!?

Let me know your idea

Oh and before I forget…I am holding a competition, now what can I possibly give the winner, well how about a power above all
Something that can swing the votes in your favour…

For 1 full fixture you will get 1 extra vote for EVERY MATCH in that fixture

Example if there is 9 matches in a fixture you will get 9 extra votes, 1 for each match

So are you ready?!?

Rules: You MUST tag me in your answer or it will not be considered
1 Answer per person please
If the right answer is not given I will choose a winner based on the answers given to the person that gets closest or is able to guess my 2nd favourite song and so on and so forth
and finally my decision is final

Here is your question?!?

What is my all time favourite Linkin Park Song?!?

It’s Ready

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It’s ready

Waiting for The End @acemasters

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@acemasters I don’t have one.

Also I’m down for an LPU bots.

I think you miss understand you are attempting to guess my favourite song

I know, that’s my best guess. I don’t know how to predict other people’s tastes

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Oohh, right, then in that case I’d guess that you don’t have one.

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@acemasters Hmmmm… I guess it’s The Little Things Give You Away

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interesting @the_termin8r
but just to clarify I do have one that just stands out for me

My guess: WFTE @acemasters?

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got some interesting answers here

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@acemasters my favorite is Robot Boy :heart_eyes:

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@baahx the competition is to guess my favourite song :slight_smile:

@acemasters lol the new single is not to mention, right? :joy:

@theearlywalker abit like recharged we don’t talk about it…i say it with a ‘heavy’ heart (lol puns are fun)

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:hugging: AGREE

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@theearlywalker I am writing new lyrics
Want to guess what I called the song?!? Hehe



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Thats what the next comp is gonna be haha

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lool :joy: