Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Music Videos Results and What is next?

I know this might be late for me to say this but:

what is going on?
what did I miss because had school for the whole week?

But if any one ask i’m in college so yeah.


I am holding a competition

whoever can guess my favourite song will win a big power for the next B.O.T.S

@acemasters In the End?

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@acemasters can you at least list 3 albums from which your favorite song is from that would be easier lol :relaxed:

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@acemasters Oh ok so do we pick what ever song we want to be in this battle. Just wondering.


Guess what Linkin Park song is my favourite

@annejprado I guess so with that in mind
it is within the 1st 3 albums

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@acemasters is it numb

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I am going to let it run until…Monday/Tuesday


since i have released a clue

(my favourite song belongs in the first 3 albums)

I am allowing you a 2nd guess

So we can guess a second time.

@acemasters I’m gonna guess… The Little Things Give You Away

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@acemasters is it Somewhere I belong

@acemasters Maybe Given up

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@coolcat96 no

only the ones i tagged as they gave their answer BEFORE I gave out a clue, you gave your answer AFTER the clue

so choose either Numb or SIB

The two I tagged answer is not in the 1st 3 albums so I am giving them a chance to change their answer

If you want to change your answer from Numb to SIB then I am happy but it’s either one or the other

So does that mean I get a turn? If yes then my guess is Faint @acemasters. If I don’t get another turn then obviously ignore my guess.

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Well in a sense you didnt actually guess a song @the_termin8r so I will accept Faint as your guess

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You need to make your choice

Do you think my favourite song is Numb or Somewhere I Belong

@acemasters I think it is Sib

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APFMH is my second try

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@acemasters I already said my answer.