Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Edition Fixture 1

So the champions of champions ended with In The End as the Ultiment Winner earning it quadruple gold after winner Hybrid Theory League and 2 Champions Leagues as well
But now, now is the turn of the albums

As much as I would of loved to add ALL the LPU albums etc etc, I have only done main albums, the 2 remixes (although people dislike recharged it was put in to even the teams out)
2 live, 1 EP, Collision Course and 2 side projects

So without futher delay here it is B.O.T.A

Remember to vote on ALL matches or your votes will not count

  • Living Things
  • Recharged

0 voters

  • Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes
  • Hybrid Theory

0 voters

  • Reanimation
  • Fort Minor: The Rising Tied

0 voters

  • Road To Revolution
  • A Thousand Suns

0 voters

  • Hybrid Theory EP
  • The Hunting Party

0 voters

  • Live In Texas
  • Collision Course

0 voters

  • Meteora
  • Minutes To Midnight

0 voters


P.S: Due to a little mix up that I didn’t think through all the way I won’t be able to post up the results but will still put up the table

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It’s ready

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Is it possible to submit all of my votes as a -7 for recharged and then nothing for the other polls in this fixture? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao if only haha

lol XD was cool that one

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You voted Recharged…
Hats off to you :grin::grin::blush::blush:
I respect your choice

@acemasters shut up :joy: shut up when i’m talking to you XD :grin:


How rude

You tried to take the best of me…GO AWAY



Some of my votes isn’t a reflection that I dislike the other album it’s that the album i voted for is just prefered lol

Im looking forward to Hybrid Theory vs Meteora


what the f**k is wrong with me :joy: :grin:


meteora vs MTM was the toughest one, lol


road to revolution vs ats was hardest to me…


Lookie lookie
Two people have voted Recharged and there was me thinking it was hated by all

That one was easy for me

A Thousand Suns is got great songs but firstly it takes too long to get into the first proper song and then there just seems to be too many “breaks”

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@yolo5494 you only live once, and you vote for recharged. What a waste!

M2M vs M. Kill me already!

Said people will be no more by the end of today.


Each to their own i say lol

@the_termin8r yh i can’t see many more voting for it but then thought it would get none so yeh lol

it depends man, if recharged is vs a weaker one… I vote it too!

What could possibly be weaker than recharged?

maybe… hmmm I see… lol