Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Edition Fixture 1

Out of Ashes will be the one it is most likely going to get votes against

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Same for me!

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If it ever gets to A Thousand Suns vs. The Hunting Party I’ll be sitting for a while. Those two are so perfect I love them.


@amitrish well each one has his own votes

Wow, still so many albums for me to listen to. I’ve just listened to all Linkin Park studio albums + Reanimations and some of Fort Minor’s The Rising Tied

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Oh yeah there is them and the LPU albums and all the other songs (non album songs as I call them) that are floating and there is plenety of songs that Chester and Mike have collaberated on e.g The Walking Dead, It’s Goin’ Down

Woah, Linkin Park has done so many songs… it needs a few more months of listening. By the way most people seem to hate Recharged. How bad is that?

wonder why @thematrix3

Recharged is a remix album . There’re a lot of Living Things remixes done not by LP. Besides , it sounds terrible to me( i love Living Things, btw)

None of the matches are even remotely close apart from Meteora vs Minutes To Midnight :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Can’t wait until HT vs THP or HT vs LT or LT vs THP

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