What do you think it is available for the information this is a good morning guys :black_heart: how to do it again in the same way Chester did

Will there be ____.

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Will there be any relatives in a bit and get back to me with the same name and address and phone :blush:
(Lol what an autocomplete)

I am being catfished by _______

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I am being catfished by a half an inch.

I love to eat ______

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I love to eat and eat and eat… :laughing:

I adore___

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I adore you and I hope you have a great time with your family especially since I have to be at work by the way

I’m thinking of ________


I‘m thinking of going back and forth with my friends :joy:

nice one @mish3lka :joy:

When I’m tired I _____

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When I’m tired I am speechless to the railway stations :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Does anyone know _____

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Does anyone know where to go from here one day.

Homework is …

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Homework is done and we can do the dishes and clean the kitchen and bathroom and the garbage collection and the other one is in the office and I will still go to the gym in the morning and I will be in touch soon.
(Lol what a mouthful)

I am busy and I ______


I am busy and I have to go home to work on the morning to get the boat and I play some basketball and I have a good time at home I have a headache so I’ll be back home later I love to get you a little something for me ( blaaaaa…:joy: - no wonder it’s the old mobile from my daughter since mine died on Sunday RIP :iphone: )

My plans for the weekend changed, so I ______

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My weekend plans have changed, so I am not able to get Rest because I have to clean the whole house my self. ( wow it came out like this)

The things I despise are ___?

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The things I despise are you. :joy:

I like to eat…

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I like to eat at mom’s house

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My ex will never know that there’s a bit of them in this hotel room and more than actual beer. :joy:

I’ve never owned…


I’ve never owned by the same people who made the payment of the last two weeks of the day and I will be there at least I can do that for you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year.

Why should I…

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Cry for you.

Whatever you do

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Whatever you do, you can come and pick up your own language to make sure you can get the best example of your business experience :joy:
Some of the sentences come out pretty cool :joy:

Why are you always ___?



(Do you guys really find so long sentences?)

Have you ever


Yes, I just click every word the keyboard gives me :smiley:

Have you ever seen the first time you have seen the snow yet?

Sometimes ___


Sometimes I feel better than I thought I would be able to get the part where you have to go through this and I hope you have a wonderful day and I love you so much

I think I know what went wrong the other day, I forgot to include the word “my”

So let’s try again:

I am being catfished by my _______

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