Hey guys, I had this idea of a game. You use your autocomplete function on the keyboard to fill a sentence. It goes like this:

  1. First person gives an unfinished sentence, something like:

    • image
      (It doesn’t have to be an image, I just tought it would be more fun)
  2. The second person completes the sentence with the autocomplete function on his/her phone, e.g. mine gives me:

    • Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a good person but I have to be.

It’s up to you how many words you’ll fill up, if it fits, it fits :slight_smile: Please start the game with the above sentence :blush: I hope we’ll have fun with this game :blush:


Seems so funny :smiling_imp:

(Couldn’t find anything better :point_right::point_left:)


I never finish anythi the first one so I will be back in the office tomorrow haha :smiley:

So next one:
Please, don’t be so ______!


Please, don’t be so kind to me and I will be in the same way
(Ok, that’s addicting. :drooling_face:)

I’m the one that ____


I’m the one that you want to sell drugs :laughing:
(Yes it is! :relieved: I saw the game on FB so I thought we must play it :smiley: )

We must play ____.

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We must play on TV and I will be in the same way as to the same way as to the same way as to (and so on :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:)

Where are you going _____

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By autocomplete, do you mean the words that crop up at the top of the keyboard?


Yes :slight_smile:

If it repeats, just stop at the first repetition :slight_smile:

Where are you going to be ashamed of yourself?

Next: I want to watch a movie with ______.

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I want to watch a movie with my side of the fence.

I will die if…

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You leave me…

What should I buy…

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What should I do with the kids and I are going to the movies with my aunt and uncle.

How much is.

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How much is the price for the first time in my life?

When I arrive home, ___


When I arrive home and get killed by your office tomorrow morning I’ll try again to get back.

:joy: “by your office tomorrow” was all one suggestion on my phone. LOL

I need to be…


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I need to be careful about what I can do to help the team. Makes sense lol ;D

On my horse I ___


On my horse I wanna hear you’re not gonna

Give me all the ______


Give me all the details and I’ll get the rolling endings right away.

Hardly looking ___.


Hardly looking at it for a long period or something like that.

Why wouldn’t I _______


How to make sure they see the irony in that vid.

My phone…

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My phone was dead

My day was

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My day was like those McDonald’s bluetooth number stands.

“McDonald’s bluetooth number stands” was one suggestion. I type weird things that it memorieses. :joy:

I like…

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