Aussie Memorial- Melbourne

Hey Guys

It is a sad day for all LP fans around the world. I was thinking if a few of us can do something in Melbourne to remember Chester and give our love and support to the rest of the crew and other fans.

Missing you heaps Chaz.

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yes, please! even if its just something small. I’m keen. I wonder who is also a Melbourne based fan. Could we get the LPAU to help connect?

we need our fellow soldiers. its taken me 2 days to stop crying on and off. beyond gutted.

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I’m so glad someone has responded! I just FB msg LPAU on Facebook. Just asked if there’s something happening already, if not can they help to spread the words…

I guess we can start spreading words to our fellow mates but in terms of getting other fans, I’m just hoping that this msg will get through to others

I’m thinking maybe this Friday night or Sunday …I don’t know how to start this but I guess as soon as we get a few more onboard, we can get the ball rolling.

lol I just messaged them on fb too! Friday sounds like a good day to do something. I’m just glad that there’s a fellow Melbourne who wants to do something!

I’m so gutted, I’ve been crying on and off for the last couple of days. today was better than the rest but it still doesnt feel real

Yeah been feeling that way too. Hopefully between now till Friday we get a few more people or hopefully from lpau.

The next thing is where tho?
Fed sq? Seems too big.
There’s no Warner Bros record office here. I was thinking maybe just flowers at recording studio.

Let me know if you have something in mind.

mmm fed sq does seem too big, maybe somewhere along Birrarung Marr or the park Jollimont side of the g? but they’re also really big spaces… maybe we get more people on board first then work out a location…

Sounds good.

Been feeling the same way as well.

I actually just tweeted LPAU then came here and found this so yes I’m keen.

In regards to WBR, I think they’re called Warner Music here in Aus, and have an office on Wellington Street in Collingwood. Just checked their website ( for their artists and LP is there.

And yeah Birrarung Marr also seems appropriate considering it’s right across from RLA, where they always perform when they’re here. But like you said I guess that also depends on our numbers.

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Ops sorry. Just woke up.okay. maybe can contact warner music and see if
they have something on.

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Warner music has yet to reply. Birrarung Marr it is. I think we need to set the place and get lpau to retweet it. Think they are happy to do so!

Meet up 6.30pm Friday night,is that too early? We just need a few to start. Also, can we make it less painful for people to clean up as well? If people are bringing flowers, remove the plastic wrapper? Bring the plastic with u to the nearest bin. Chaz’s last tweet was about the environment.

Let me know what u lots think


Sounds good to me :slight_smile: lpau tweeted about the thread gonna tweet the international associations

@quidditchboi Thanks for contacting Warner Music for us anyway.

Sounds good to me as well. Although in regards to the time, I know a friend who’d love to come but she’s got work until 7PM. Any chance we could make it 7:30PM?

I’m sure LPAU and LPFanCorner would be happy to spread the word for us.

I tweeted them a link of the forum thread and told them that the current plan of 6:30 but also open to ideas. Waiting for the retweet. Im sure they’re swamped with message atm

Sorry to join thread. For Brisbane fans, I have seen an event on LPFanCorner but currently can’t view event (possibly from privacy settings). Will post here when I can view event if that’s ok with OP?

I’ll be coming from Adelaide, perhaps the weekend? Anymore info?

Very tempted to just start a public fb event and then get it shared by the lpau they said that they were happy to share it… I am concerned about trolls though… it hasnt taken them long to get up to being jerks…

Where about’s along birra? along the river’s edge near artplay?

7:30 is probably a better time for most people tbh

Brisbane event that was created… Content Not Found

I agree, if you do make a FB event maybe make it private? Idk how it works I’m not a frequent fb user.

And I was thinking some part of it where you can see RLA from?

Yea… nah… FB is toxic, over the weekend it drove me nuts reading the comments… decided to go off it. Using tweeter will do, then will get LPAU to do the rest for us, so that we don’t have to deal with personal attacks or hurtful comments.

We can have it 2 days consecutively if people are travelling from interstate.

How about both Friday and Saturday jic people can’t make it either days, 7.30pm it is. Near the edge of the river.

Please let me know in the next 2hours of so if there’s any objection, if no will let LPAU know and warner music (still no response from WM).

Thanks guys.

Sounds good. Also, both Friday night and Sunday suit me so if you wanted to make it a big one on just one day, Sunday 30th works?

Otherwise I’m good with the current plan, will come Friday night 7:30PM.

Also, by near the edge of the river, are you referring to the Batman Avenue part near the bridge and opposite RLA?