Anyone re-selling tickets?

Hey everyone… Long time fan here, first LP concert was in 2004 for Meteora! Best show of my life… Chester shook my hand and got his sweat all over me. Best moment of my young adult life. Anyways, I dropped the ball when it came to getting tickets for this show and I made the stupid mistake of buying my plane tickets out the day i found out about the concert, thinking that there would be more tickets available. If anyone bought tickets in hopes of going but then found that they cant make it… I would be eternally grateful if someone you could re-sell them to me. I am flying all the way down from Canada and Im gonna cry a million tears if I cant go. :sob:

Hello, I hope you have luck finding tickets but i would let you know that the tickets are checked with credit card at entry (not sure if they are transferable) so you should get that sorted out if you do find a reseller
There’s a gal on here selling one for 900

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I know it’s expensive but it’s the only one I’ve come across here and many people are searching too…

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Heck, I’ll accept payments, too! Only reason it’s expensive is because it’s a platinum ticket. I know not everyone can afford this and especially pay it all off at once so I don’t expect that.

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I hope u have good luck founding a ticket. They should some lift

Hey! I’m in Canada too, can’t go anymore. I have 2 tickets to sell. Were you still looking?

Is that ticket still available?

my email is
phone number is 228-236-7294
please let me know

Hello, I’m selling my tickets. Contact me if you are interested.

hey, yes I am. Can you email me.

Still looking for tickets ?

Does anyone have any tickets available? I am trying to purchase 2 for me and my friend. Thanks!