Anyone going to Vegas to see Mike in October?


Just wondering how many of you are making the trek. I know we from AZ and CA often go to Vegas when there aren’t other shows near us but since there are so many CA shows I’m wondering how many LPU people will go to this one.


I will be attending all CA shows including this one :slight_smile:


Wait, were you at LoveLoud?

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Damn Skippy! Big Boris here :slight_smile:


Haha! This James from PHX!

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How are you? So, you going to Vegas too? Which tickets did u get?


We are good! Can hardly wait to see Mike again. Definitely going to Vegas! We got GA (of course…haha). How about you?

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Same here!! GA :heart: hopefully we find each
Other. The same group will be going with me :smiley:


Oh, we will be in line early, same as always! I’m sure we’ll meet up!

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If I get there 1st I’ll save you both a spot!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Same! Not sure when we will get there.

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I’m planning getting there early morning. Want us to be as close as possible. :sparkling_heart: so mike can see us :slight_smile:

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Cool! We will probably show up around 3:00. I bought one early entry so I can maybe save us a spot.


I was actually thinking of getting that but my friend was like no… But i think I’m going to but it. They said we’re able to buy it over there as well. Are you going to any other show?


It was $125. Not crazy expensive. Yeah, that’s our only show (sad). That’s why the early entry was okay to spend.

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You know you could pay 30 plus GA and get head of the line pass


I don’t think there was a head of the line in Vegas was there?


There actually is.


Wha-what?! How did I miss that?! Damn.


Do you have a fb or IG