Anyone giving into the Leak?

I know I am… I can’t wait any longer. Plus who listens to the CD on an actual CD player anyways anymore? It’s just going to be a digital download, I’d rather have the CD on release day anyway to support my bands, however I will give in. Anyone else?

I give in to the leak every time, who buys cds anymore with all the music to listen too. Then with bands that you love LIKE LP, you buy the CD, or a package deal with the CD, and support good music. Cant wait. If bands played great music and made great albums then people would be willing to pay for an album, or if the record company woke up, they could offer them way cheaper with torrents and sell to a large number for very little cost, that should be the future, and hopefully will. Instant download, 4 bux an album.

has it leaked already? i thought it wouldnt be til like 2 weeks before the album

I use CDs in my car because burning them from digital download isn’t as good as the original CD; the burned CD always corrupt eventually :frowning:

So far I have never given into leaks and hope to continue not too as I already pre-order the CD. You don’t need a CD player to play CDs; you can always insert them into your computer [wink]. Has it already leaked? I had no idea. It’s still pretty early.

I want my first listen of the album to be from the CD. Is that weird? Can’t wait to get my hands on the album ^^

I will, also I will be purchasing the CD. If you Download the leak always support your favorite band :slight_smile:

Of course! I love the feeling of buying it from the store, it feels a bit rewarding of having it in the bag and taking it home and looking at all the artwork, and the CD, lyrics, etc. There’s something about a package that makes it feel less rewarding to me. I mean you wait hours for it on the truck that day, but doesn’t feel the same.

No it hasnt leaked yet, only those two songs and a piece of one more. A couple reviews of the album are out there and one of half the album, and they all sound really promising. Yeah I will download it, because I can never wait lol, but getting that special order package from Linkin park with the CD and the bundle is awesome, so I preorder that as well, always support the artist that are worth it and work hard.

I’m not giving in!!! I’ll be getting the album as a graduation gift from my brother this year, and I wan’t it to be a surprise when I hear it the first time! Can hardly wait but it’ll be worth it :smiley:

Ohh ok good. Leaking almost a month before the release date is pretty bad. Hopefully it won’t leak at all but in this day and age that’s almost impossible.

A leak would be awful.
Even when Burn It Down was already out, I waited until I finally pre-ordered Living Things and got the instant download too. It’s just that it’s A: bad for the band, and B: not really making me feel comfortable or successful, because I didn’t really buy the CD.

So if Living Things would have been leaked, I’d wait…

You have to rememember to not feel uncomfortable or bad. Its not hurting the band, LP are millionaires they have a great life, no worries about them lol. We still buy the albums of bands we support and that make good music, this is in general not just LP related, but there is so much music out there that has one or two good songs on an album, so we pay 15 bux for two songs LOL??? NO, make good music, make 15 good tracks, and people will pay for the album and thats how it should be. It should also start as a music outlet from the bands or record companies so we can download an album at 6 bux instead of 15 with no overhead and have the option to buy a physical CD if we want. The way it is now, so many bands put out crappy rap albums, or rock albums with one or two singles that are solid and the rest of the album is weak. NOW LP, I loved every song on every album except for minutes to midnight, that was the first album that I skipped songs on, but beyond that, every album has been awesome start to finish. Great bands, great albums deserve to be bought.

I’m not giving in. I pre-ordered this album from iTunes, and I am not going to let it be ruined for me by hearing it before it is released.

The only songs from this album that I will be listening to before its release are Burn it Down, and Lies Greed Misery (the mp3 of which I was given for sharing the pre-order on facebook).

I know that the band is very sucessful, but I do not like ruining albums for myself.

Yeah I will but only if a full leak comes around a week before, any earlier and I generally wait because it could be old - CD’s dont take that long to press and ship, generally around 2 weeks max - thats why you get most stuff around1-2 weeks before release, anything earlier is either a very naughty and now fired internal employee at the record label or an old set found lying around - the real masters make there way to the pressing label very late in production (generally after the CD cases and covers have been printed/assembled)

I have bought the CD 2 times already (UK and Japan) so I dont see the issue if I listen to it a week early, mind you I waited for ATS so maybe ill wait for LT

I’m not going to listen to a leak. I’ve got two copies f the album coming as well, US and Aussie versions, so I’ll have a digital copy when it’s released. I’ve even been really good and haven’t listened to LGM yet. Been hard haha

Oh you need to listen to LGM nowwwwwww LOL, live too on the lisbon feed, it was awesome, gotta here how the album is coming along its part of the journey lol

[quote=Richard Tafoya]I know I am… I can’t wait any longer. Plus who listens to the CD on an actual CD player anyways anymore? It’s just going to be a digital download, I’d rather have the CD on release day anyway to support my bands, however I will give in. Anyone else?

i might give in to leaks while waiting for the CD to come. but even if i have the songs in digital, i would still be anxiously waiting for the physical. i still love to play CDs on actual CD player.

well all i heard is LGM but from the Scavenger Hunt thingy, and that’s all, i can wait till The actual CD is in my hands all i gotta do is distract myself so i don’t die of freaking curiosity lol

if you think LP doesn’t need anymore money now, then they might as well give all their future albums for free and have free concerts all the way, i would like to see how close they would come to be featured in a cereal commercials after all that.

the album price IS meant for the entire album, the artworks, the disc and all that came with it. if you only like few songs in one album, there’s iTunes, amazon and other sites that allows you to buy track per track. so don’t complain about not wanting to pay $15 for two songs. the alternatives have been provided, you just need to use it.