Any suggestions for good colored pencil sets?


I love making art on paper, but I have a pretty hard time finding good colored pencil sets, which turns me away from it. Its a reason I use digital a lot. Any suggestions for brands or something specific? I’d prefer if they were on the cheaper side of things.


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:thinking: I usually use Prismacolor for coloured pencils, they aren’t expensive and I like the quality… but I’m not a great artist so it’s just my opinion… :sweat_smile:


@theearlywalker The Art Gallery is for sharing LP art and photos. Discussing colored pencils doesn’t fall under that.

@lpfan61 I currently use prismacolor, and I do like them, just looking to expand a bit. I’ll probably look more into their sets


Lol you’re wrong soldier- it’s for everything art related


@theearlywalker is right… :blush:

Yep, they have much expensive stuff too…

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Ideally you’re best off posting stuff in the art thread specifically as it’s the most active and that’s where @jabinquaken and @Honey8 live. It also helps keep the forums cleaner since you won’t have to make separate threads.


I highly recomand coloured pencils by Polycolor :grinning:

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Yea, my bad. I didn’t read it that closely. @theearlywalker apologies, thank you for moving it

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Recently we have bought Marco Raffine 100.
It is a really decent set (unlike the graphite sets from Marco).
They are somewhat cheaper than Faber-Castell Polychromous or Lyra (never tried colored Koh-i-Noor, so can not tell). The softness is pleasant, though.
Before buying the set, I’ve been using several pieces of this series and liked them.

If we are talking about the watercolor pencils, we are using the 72 Derwent set that I had gifted to my future wife 9 years ago. Don’t really know how they fair in comparison to others, because it’s the only ones I tried.
The quality is not that good, though. The paint of the pencil surface is leaving blue marks on the fingers.


This might be a little biased.


A 6 pack wouldn’t be big enough, as I’m looking more for a full set of colored pencils, otherwise I totally would buy that.


Basic item with some kind of branding (from someone who doesn’t usually have anything to do with said item) on a merch store = shit.

If you want a basic set of children’s colour pencils (which is essentially what those MS ones are), just buy a box of Staedtler pencils. I used to have a set in highschool, they were pretty decent compared to the other cheap stuff you got.


Well, there are 3 most famous brands in colored pencils:

They propose sets of different number and different series.
I am using Marco, though it is not that popular.

All depends on how much you expect to spend.

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Arteza do a set of 72 coloured pencils for just under $29, and also 72 watercolour pencils for the same price. I have both, and though I haven’t had the chance to try out the watercolour pencils yet, I like the coloured pencils. They’re probably mid range in quality - not as good as Faber Castell IMO, but fine for practicing or everyday sketching. The colour goes on well, and they blend well too.
Hope that helps, and happy sketching! :slightly_smiling_face: