Any Hip-Hop/Rap fans out there?

I was wondering if any of you guys like those genres. If yes, which artists/bands?

I’m not really into it. I like to listen to some bands though.
Well, I love Fort Minor (what a miracle, lol) … yeah, I love every single song (and not just because it’s Mike, no, because it’s really good music)

however, I also love GBC damn much. :slight_smile:
and Eminem is awesome. Though I only know a few songs by him.

I like Just Eminem and Mike Shinoda of course

Gym Class Heroes! and Rage Against The Machine!

Apathy, Cypress Hill, Odd Future, Jay-Z, Evidence, Lupe Fiasco, Gay-Bit, Kanye West, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys, Will Smith. This is what came on my mind.

I am not real big rap fan, but very like Eminem)) begun listen him before LP in childhood[rolleyes]

just fort minor lol… maybe a few cypress hill songs

Travis barker - give the drummer some

Big fan of hiphop,faves are mainly aussie groups,Bliss N Eso,Hillto.p Hoods,The Herd,Drapht,battle axe warriors

YES :slight_smile:
Eminem, Fort Minor, Jay-Z are the main ones!!

Wooo…you just named a couple of my favorite ones :slight_smile:
Get Busy Committee (and Fort Minor of course) will always be my big loves

Eminem, Fort Minor,Cypress Hill, Lupe Fiasco,Jay-Z are my favorites :wink:

[quote=LPfan1989]Eminem, Fort Minor,Cypress Hill, Lupe Fiasco,Jay-Z are my favorites :wink:

Fort minor of course lol, Mark Battles, Machine Gun Kelly, Outasight, GBC

Hmm…gotta check those outs since I’ve never heard them xD

Eminem, Fort Minor[/quote]

/sign, Eminem is just fucking dope. Fort Minor kicks as anyways and I also like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and ‘the old’ Plan B.

Eminem, Fort Minor, 50 Cent and some Kanye West, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg. Then, of course, many random individual songs :slight_smile:

i like some oldschool hip-hippers mostly
like 2pac,Biggie
also new artist Busta Rymes,Jay-z, Cypress Hill and to be honest alot more:p xD

Eminem of course :smiley:

Best Rapper Ever is Tech N9ne, can’t compare him to know one.
Other Favorites:
Ice Cube
Beastie Boys
Dr. Dre
Brotha Lynch Hung
Kanye West
50 Cent
Kottonmouth Kings
Busta Rhymes
Machine Gun Kelly - So far,so good