And it is time for yet another story!

Well… It has been a while since we wrote a nice and incoherent story together.
[For those who curious about previous story threads, check out the Once Upon A Time saga.]

Here are the rules:

  • Everyone can add to the story 3 words up to a full sentence.
  • You may also add a fun picture, gif or whatever while adding 3 words or a sentence to the story.
  • Be open minded for change, because writing a story together like this means that no matter what story you had in mind; it will probably not turn out to be like that.
  • For the flow of the story, please post out off topic comments as following:
    -First write a story line and then
    [ot: @samuel_the_leader does not like stories, isn’t that sad? ]
  • Be nice and have fun!

Alright let me start with the first line:

Once upon a time…


The egg appeared on TV screen:

[ot is allowed @gatsie??? lol nice threat, congrats :dancer:

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“This message is adressed to all the inhabitants of the Earth”, it said.

“You have insulted us for too long.” it continued.

[OT is still allowed indeed, I’ll put it up in the rules :slight_smile: ]

“It’s time for vengeance and we are going to…”

“Make you pay!” The egg laughed like a maniac.

And then it coughed hardly and suddenly from it’s back it got…

Gigantic boils growing, that popped and critters crawled out of them.

Then the egg apologized for that, said that it was sick a little bit and asked, what was it talking about:

“Ah, yes! The vengeance!”

Meanwhile, the howtobasic-guy wanted to fry an egg in Australia, so he did.

And the chef turned out to be Chester…

The alien eggs became even more furious after this display of disrespect and started to hatch…

:womans_hat:with a flashlight it bursted and everything and everyone beneath the egg was hitten by green Bad smelling Drops

“What is this burning green gooo?!?!!?” people cried.

“Green attack !!” the Blond Girl (calls Blundy by nicname)shouting out, “my hair OMG!!” :scream:

Chester took some more eggs and threw them at the aliens.

One of the eggs Chester thrown had his face on it:

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And it was the secret weapon, developed by North Korea.

The chazzles-egg-bomb was Born :microphone:

The alien eggs fired their next weapon;