Am I the only "old" person in Oberhausen?


Am I the only mom who will go to the gig with a “kid” - I mean, we go together not me takin her because she’s too young to go on her own :grin: We both love Mike’s music… but I will be 43 the day before the gig and my daughter is going to be 18 next week :rofl::joy:


Isn’t the minimum age for the pit 16? I’m pretty sure they’ll let her in if she’s 18.


On the bright side, you’ll be the COOLEST mom there :smile::sunglasses:


no, you’re not the ‘oldest’ person - I know many people in the same age and got some friends in the same age too, who will got to the oberhausen concert - so just enjoy it with your daughter.

and by the way: your daughter can say ‘I’ve got a really cool mom’ :blush:


I’m going to be 54 in a few months and I still enjoy Mike’s music. There are no age limits to music. You go with your daughter and have a great time.


No worries, I will listen to this music even when I turn 101 :slight_smile:


@the_termin8r what do you mean by 16 ? We went to see Mike twice Last year and we promise our daughter that next time she could come with us, she is singing mike’s music everyday but she is 8 and we took a ticket for her too this time, it’s like a dream for her too, you mean she wouldn’t be allowed to enter ? Because in Paris, at rockenseine, we saw some People with smaller Kids ?? We’re going to Luxembourg


Hello :blush: my daughter is 8, we are 33 and going to see Mike in family this time, she was already begging Last year when we went to see him… So… You’ll not be alone with a “kid” Just our daughter is really young :blush:… We’re going to Luxembourg this time… I hope you enjoy it !


An 8 year old in the pit? That’s not what you call responsible. I don’t know how it is in Luxembourg, but in the UK, the min age for the pit is 16 as far as I know. It’s best to look up the venue and see what they say. If it’s a seated ticket, I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you in.

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Is asked them before, they said it is OK, we’re responsible parents, we refused to take her before because we were not sure it would be safe for her. After that we saw some younger kid in Paris on the shoulder of her father and she was OK, really she enjoyed the concert. Don’t judge us please, i’m big fan since I AM teenager, since they beginned, my both daughters are born listening LP and Mike, my little one is two years old, she had deafness problem, she had a surgery Last month and now when she hears mike singing faint with summer 41 she is stealing the Phone and dancing with it in the hands. When we Heard about the second post traumatic tour, we called Luxembourg to have more infos, and I even had the tickets a bit before 10, time of the pre sale… There is no age to be fan, and believe me I would never put my daughter in danger. Don’t be too hard

Edit : I contacted DEN ATELIER this morning. They told me like this:

“for this show, kids under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult”

So everything is OK :blush:.

Have a Nice Day all


For me, one of the many, many great things about Linken Park incl. Mike Shinoda solo is the development with there time. The natural consequences of this are more and more parents with kids on the shows. There are the people who grow up with Linkin Park and there the younger ones who discover the music. I am the same age as the Linken Patk band mates and a parent, I find myself in the lyrics and love to share it with my kids. But they are teens now, different taste as there mom.
This is not black and white
Only organized confusion

Hi @kimims2010
I think, you did everything right. And I wish you and your family a great concert! That’s the childhood memory’s that count for the rest of your life.


@anna834 I adore how you wrote this… And you’re totally right ! We did her the surprise, she didn’t expect it at all… We didn’t tell her that Mike was coming to Europe again… And when we came back from work / home, we gave her the printed ticket… Just look at her smile !! When you’re a parent it’s Just happiness to share your passion with your kids

Many thanks for your support

I’m hiding her face because I don’t share my Kids pictures on any internet thing…


Thank you for sharing your story and the pic! Made my day! :heart_eyes:

And I totally understand, no Kids faces on the internet. :muscle:



And yours made mine :blush:, can not wait to be D Day :wink:

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to my surprise, the US has no restrictions either for pits, it was awesome to see a 9 year old at the rise against puts by himself at total ease with the environment going as nuts as the adults lol
The mom at one point ended up beside me and was talking to another girl who was asking about the kid, she said they took him since age 6 :crazy_face: I just thought to myself, the coolest parent! :joy:
There was also a kid at another show on somebody’s shoulders-maybe younger who ended up getting noticed by them-idk I thought it was pretty cool so yeah, I guess it depends on the venue and being aware that things can and do get hectic


Thanks for your message @framos1792, I hope my daughter thinks I am a cool mum :joy:, I Will remind her in 20 years :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but seriously, we went twice without her and everything was OK. I remember, when I asked my father to go to see Lp when I was a teenager and he told me ‘NO YOU’ RE TOO YOUNG’… 15 years later I still remember… So…


I’m 51 now and going to see Mike on stage in Munich for the third time. My daughter will be with me for the first time. She’s 17 and desperately sorry for having missed Chester. But 4 years ago I would not let her in the pit, so I told her… wait a little bit. So you see that waiting isn’t always advisable. :neutral_face:
So take your kids with you, if possible… it must not be the pit.
Soo looking forward to seeing Mike! :two_hearts:


And you’re never too old for music. :musical_note::metal:


I would so love to hear some more.:hugs:
But no pressure! :kissing_heart:
Take your time! :blush:

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Hi @anna834, you saw my message in the other thread I suppose :blush:… Yeah I’m so glad Emi was there, now we Will take her with us everytime… She Said it was the Best Day of her life :heart:

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