I was just more reminded of this because I was watching Glee tonight, but Adele is amazing. And I remember watching a vid of Chester belting out some Adele. So cool. And so cool that so many artists can get with it. That’s all.

At the iTunes Festival in London!

Indeed… I watched her iTunes Festival performance this summer (online, sadly - but I was there for LP’s!!) and she was amaaaaazing! Such a soulful and sultry voice and lyrics that sometimes hit close to home… That’s what good music is all about! [cool]

XD good to know you’re a fan of adele howie ^^

She is absolutely incredible. I own both “19” and “21” and I’m waiting for her next album. She has literally the best voice in pop right now.

She’s amazing, my favorite female vocalist.

She’s awesome!
She has an amazing voice!
The best Female Singer!

I really love her voice and her way of singing. She’s such a beautiful singer.
I wish her all the best and a complete recovery after her throat surgery.

Her first two singles were great and I really like her voice. I’d like to hear more happy songs by her, but let’s be patiant [lol]
And as some of you already mentioned … Chesters performance of Rolling In The Deep was amazing, I like it more than the original. Hopefully they gonna play it again, even though I don’t expect that.

She is a great singer! i love her!

not a fan

I like her! Her lyrics are really deep and she’s got an amazing voice. One of the best pop singers nowadays :slight_smile:

just like her because LP covered her

I really love her new album.

just like her because LP covered her

I didnt even hear of Adele until LP did the cover. lol

I think she is okay: her lyrics are deep and she has a great voice, my mother likes her a lot [biggrin] But I think Amy Lee (Evanescence) is my favorite female singer [smile]

i never payed attention to her music until i saw her live this year. that was absolutely breathtaking!

Adele is ok, I like a few of her songs, I actually prefer the LP version of Rolling in the Deep though =)

It happened the same to me, but with last year. I will listen to her complete discography (I hope so…). I think she’s awesome. Also, the lyrics she writes make me think she has been really hurt…
My favourite songs by now are Someone like you and Rumor has it.

Adele is a beautiful singer. I have not heard of “19”. Only have her album, 21. And I love Chester’s cover of her song. :slight_smile: