A Lack of Linkin Park

@jFar920, @evooba, @jabinquaken, @amitrish, @AJ_7 I went to our local Best Buy and I found all of them except “Living Things.” None of them are edited. I won’t buy an edited CD, especially Linkin Park. I went from having none to having almost all of them. Yippie!!!

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Well my answer surely won’t help you, but we have music stores here in Hungary, actually many and even for genres too, like we have metal and rock music shops with all the CD-s and merch. But Linkin Park is missing from those… :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t understand though, why. It’s a quite popular band here too, but all the stores seem to like to sell only alter bands’ merch and other stuff. But we don’t have a specific chain store to deal with these things.

We have Media Markt though, it sells electronics and music stuff as well, but I don’t like it, but I can’t tell why.

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Still going to check FYE. They were really good for CDs, merchandise, and music DVDS or DVD s about music.

Again: in this country CD’s are bought by NOBODY AT ALL. Harrrrrr! A lot of people would be glad to pay for music but with average salary 120$/month it’s not possible for everyone. Besides, it was only once that LP performed here.

The prices were not that bad. The most expensive one was only $11.99. The price of CD’s went way down. I remember paying $25 for Nirvana’s Nevermind. Come to think of it I never burned one song from LP, just streamed. I had Hybrid Theory for awhile before it got all scratched up.

I haven’t been into a Tesco store in years :frowning:

Maybe you can accompany @evooba :stuck_out_tongue: and you both can bi**h about Tesco’s sad music collection.

Version Deluxe (3DD time of My Life), but expensive: costs more than 18,00

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I didn’t even remember seeing a music collection in Tesco :stuck_out_tongue:

@jFar920, @the_termin8r, @AJ_7, @evooba, @jabinquaken, and anyone else, I went to FYE. While, they did have a good supply of CDs and Vinyl’s, I got Live in Texas, they didn’t have any merchandise. So, I went to Spencers and Hot Topic, I found LP stuff there before, and they had nothing. I do mean nothing. More about this in my upcoming blog. I’m still debating on a petition. Only because I’m not sure where to send it.

Not sure why you want to get in so much trouble when you can buy everything you want online for a much cheaper price.

I remember Spencer’s carrying a few Linkin Park shirts in the MTM-era. Every once in a while, I’ll find one or two LP shirts in Hot Topic, maybe a wristband or something, but anything they carry is very few and far between. Come to think of it, they were big on promoting A Thousand Suns and The Hunting Party when they were released, though.

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I wonder how much does CDs in y’all countries cost (both normal and deluxe)

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On amazon they’re about £10-15 depending on how old they are. Editions vary by seller. I mean I picked up a brand new, legit spec ed of The Reckoning by Pillar on amazon for £2 (for real, it was £3 with delivery) and yet the regular edition cost £6.

At HMV prices are about the same. I picked up Memento Mori by Gemini Syndrome for £10 and that album came out last month.

Also smaller bands tend to charge more, or if it’s from abroad. I once paid £28 for a Blindspott CD from Australia / NZ.

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Indeed, brick-and-mortar stores would charge more.

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It’s research. When I was a teen it was easy to find your favorite, even if pop culture disagreed, now it is rare.

@LP13413 Hot Topic said it was because they stopped making music. Which is BS because they still sell Nirvana and other bands that completely stopped making music or are dead. I did inform Spencer’s they were working on a new album. The girl at Hot Topic was a bit rude, so I just left.

@samuel_the_leader Best Buy and Amazon are about the same price. Best Buy will also price match and special order any item.

Isn’t Best Buy only in North America?

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@samuel_the_leader I knew they had some international accounts, but didn’t know the extent of it. Thank you for clearing that up. I used to work for their customer service website. There is an address somewhere on the website for international orders. They are sent to a special Texas address. I can’t remember how it all works, but somewhere on the website tells you all about it. I special ordered some stuff there for customers all around the world using that address.