A Lack of Linkin Park

I went window shopping one day for Linkin Park CD’s and what not. I started in Walmart, since I go there like every pay day. They had edited versions, which I would prefer if they were not edited. So, I went to Target, thinking that I found a lot of stuff there that wasn’t at Walmart. Not one CD or anything for that matter. So, I was thinking surely the mall would have something. Nope. Actually, FYE went out of business in this town. How is the Linkin Park supply in your town? The reason why I am asking is because I was wondering if this is just here or everywhere.

I’ve noticed stores rarely have Linkin Park music around me, unless it’s a used store. I look every time, even though I have all the CDs I want (that are sold in the US at least). I feel there’s a lack of any music I want in stores here, not just Linkin Park, probably because of iTunes and Spotify and all that

I think I feel a blog coming on. I wonder if all of us made a petition about this if that would change things.

For Linkin Park specifically? Maybe, but doubtful. For music in general? Probably not. I think something worth aiming for for Linkin Park is to get more of their physical music on their online store, especially special editions

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The good news is I was just informed FYE is not completely out of business. The county I lived at before had two of them before I moved. I’m having my friends check out the Linkin Park supply there or I’ll do it this weekend. I noticed the music selection in Target sucked in general. Amazon has them, all of them, but they have everything. I have a Linkin Park blog already started, this will be another one. I’ll just share it everywhere I can to help them out a bit. Something. Maybe if all the fans united we can get something started for them. The radio even lacks. The most played song they play is “Numb”, which I love, but damn, come on play something new or newer. I Heart Radio and Pandora play “Bleed it Out” every now and again. I think I may of heard one or two more, but can’t remember which songs they were. What the hell is going on?

Noone buys CD’s in my country

We have an FYE in the mall here. Wal-Mart only carries censored music (and weapons and other uncensored forms of entertainment, but whatever), Target’s not really the best place to shop for music, and the music selection at Best Buy isn’t what it once was.

Once in a while, I’ll find myself shopping online if one of those stores isn’t carrying what I’m looking for. Within the last few weeks, new albums from other bands I enjoy have been released, but the physical copies only seem to have been available online.

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Online seems the best place to buy anything. Not everyone has a bank account or credit card, especially teens. I feel bad for them. Thank goodness for stores like FYE.

We don’t have many music stores over here. You may come across the occasional HMV but the metal sections are very small. There’s an HMV near my uni and I bought some CDs the other day but the LP section had like 8 CDs.

Sorry for asking this but aren’t Walmart and Target grocery stores? Why would they even sell cds?

Here we don’t even have music stores, you gotta go to something like your Best Buy. They don’t have many things and if they do it is overpriced. Record stores around town unfortunately only have vinyls, only a few of them have cds but again, nothing like LP or the music I listen to.

I do my shopping in London whenever I visit cause I find everything I want for really good prices. Otherwise I resort to Amazon and pre-ordered stuff when it comes to new music from the artists themselves.

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That’s news to me. Where about in London?

Other than the occasional HMV, Rough Trade East, Sounds of Universe (lots of cds compared to the other record stores), All Ages Records (mostly punk), Banquet (has awesome live bands for acoustic sets and stuff) and more I’m probably forgetting right now. My cousin has a list of all his favorite places, we tend to go hunting when I’m there :stuck_out_tongue: The record store in Brighton is pretty good too, small, but has interesting collections.

I’ve never heard of any of those places and I’m not going all the way to Brighton for a CD :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m checking to see if I have any of these near me!

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Obviously lol. I just happened to be there and checked it out. I don’t remember where each is but they’re around downtown in Soho and Camden.

Camden I can make because most of my dad’s work is around Hampstead but I hate Camden, way too crowded.

yeah you’re right i can’t find any linkin park cd s anywhere

You’re in Leeds, aren’t you? I’ve heard Jumbo Records is a good one.

Yeah I am! I have to check it out! Thank you!


Wal-mart, as a chain, includes hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount stores. Since you are familiar with UK, imagine Tesco, only bigger. (Just FYI, Wal-mart is world’s biggest retailer in terms of earnings while Tesco is 5th).
Same goes for Target as well, but I think they are more of a discount chain. Maybe someone else can confirm this.

Also, Minutes to Midnight had a special “Wal-Mart Edition bonus tracks” CD.

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