8/17/12: Our Experiences At The Summit And Concert

So I thought I’ll start this thread so we could all share are experiences at the Summit, and for many, the epic concert later that night. Since I thought the Summit was such an extraordinary event I think it deserves a thread like this. So hopefully you guys will tells us your stories from that day. I’ll go ahead and share mine first. (Taken from my LPU blog post)

This is just a general overview of my day and I try not to go into every little detail to avoiding being too long, as its long already, and then as a result get boring. Summit started at 9 AM lasted until about 5 PM and then we got let into the concert which went on from 6:30 to 11. So a lot of stuff happened during that time. Enjoy = )

The Journey

So my journey began the night before the actually Summit. My house is just a 2 hour drive to the arena but since I don’t have my license yet and my parents were on vacation, I was left to take public transportation. I left my house at 10:40 PM to catch the 11 PM bus to New York City. I then arrived at the Port Authority bus terminal in Times Square at 42nd street and then walked all the way to the Javits Center where I was to take another bus. It was scheduled for 1:15 AM but it was late and came at 3 AM. I arrived at the 30th St. Station in Philadelphia at about 5 AM and then took a train to 2nd street. From the train stop I walked all the way to Penns Landing to meet up with a group of LPU members staying at the hotel. So at 7 AM I meet up with everyone in the lobby and we had breakfast at the hotel. Meet a lot of amazing and nice people there. Made a lot of great friends there too which I am extremely grateful for. Finally meet a lot of LPU members like Mike (The organizer of the hotel meet up and flag), his daughter Trinity, Irene, Josh, Dayna, Randy, Cody, Jen, Mary, Mohammed, Melissa, and much more! There were like over 20 people there! We then got about 4 taxis and drove over to the arena for the Summit. There was already a line when we got there but it was short. As I was walking up to the front of the line to meet someone, Richard (LPxDC) recognized me and called my name and we then proceeded to talk for a little bit. Richard and I met back at the 2011 Madison Square Garden show. He was volunteering at the Music For Relief booth and also doing a giveaway which I won and it had some pretty awesome things in it lol After talking to Rich I walked to the front of the line to meet Adam. I hung out and talked to him and other LPU members as we waited outside the arena.

The Summit

The Summit started a little bit late but we were like the first 5 people inside. Since we were like the first people there there were no lines for anything! The activities that they had to kick off the Summit were purchasing raffle tickets, LPU auction, taking pictures with Brad’s guitars, playing around with LP’s new music software, designing your own t-shirt and signing the LPU wall. I took a picture with and was able to play Brad’s red PRS Custom 24 Hybrid Theory Soldier guitar which was a dream come true for me. I played the riffs for One Step Closer, Faint, and Lying From You quickly on it. I also got two custom made guitar picks specifically for the people attending the Summit from Brad’s guitar tech. I did everything there was to do there pretty fast because there were no lines when I got in so I just hung out and talked with people for the remainder of the time. After that we got to do one of two activities, tour the backstage area or tour the crew buses. I picked touring backstage. Our group leader was Jim who is LP’s Production Manager. We first went into the production room and Jim explained everything there. There was a list there for the Summit activities and also the actually setlist for the concert that night! Took a lot of pictures of them lol We then toured the front of the stage (basically the pit area) where we saw the crew putting it up. After that buses took us to the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia. Sat at a table with Mike, his daughter Trinity, Randy, and Cody. Had a great time talking and hanging out with them there. The Hard Rock was also playing some LP music and music videos which was pretty awesome! When they played Faint they cranked up the volume and the whole place started rocking out. After that we headed back to the arena. We then sat down and waited in the lobby for LP. I stood in the back to get a better view of everything. LP arrived and it was amazing. They began with an acoustic set which included In My Remains and the Messenger which was then followed by a Q&A session. After that it was M&G time. They had all of the LPU members there make one big single file line that went around the entire lobby there and instead of doing a traditional M&G (The 6 members at a table, you go get one item sign and say hi) they had all the band members walk around the line themselves and get to meet you one on one which was pretty awesome. I brought my LIVING THINGS CD to be signed. Had small conversations with all of them. Joe was first around. I joked around with him and messed with him about messing up on the Numb intro the past three shows haha After talking I said its ok we still love you Joe and patted him on the back lol Next was Brad. He read my name tag and said hi Holden thanks for coming lol and then I told him that I already told him this before but I wanted to thank him again for being an inspiration to me for guitar. He then thanked me and it said that was really cool. We then joked around for a bit. He was like you’re putting a lot of pressure on me tonight. Talked a tiny bit more than he said what if I mess up tonight would you care to which I respond I wouldn’t care. He then said what if it was my worst show ever to which I said I still wouldn’t even care haha Next was Rob. Told him that he did an amazing job on the new album and that I really loved it. He thanked more told me that they worked really hard and put a lot of effort into it so he was really glad to hear that. Phoenix came around next and I was like whats up man lol I asked him why the jam band/touring the stage didn’t happen today during the Summit and he told me that he really didn’t know. He said he’ll ask and get back to me on it. Don’t know how he’ll get back to me on it though LOL Next was Chester. I told Chester that he kicked ass on this record and that it was awesome. Also told him that his is one my favorite albums by them and that I wasn’t just saying that. He then put his hand on my shoulder and said thanks man that means a lot to me. He then patted me on the back and we talked a tiny bit more. Last was Mike. I asked him if they will ever let a fan come on stage and play guitar with them again because they decided against it in the 2011 tour. He told me the reason they steered away from it was because they like to keep the shows consistent and everything and when I asked if they would do it again one day he said maybe. I still have hope! Lol After the M&G we took the group picture and I was front row kneeling right next to Brad. I was literally touching against Brad lol After the picture Brad began to walk away and I told him good luck, have a good show tonight Brad and usually they don’t really respond when people say stuff to them but he turned around, looked at me, and said thank you then waved and said goodbye to me. That really meant a lot to me. Also got Adam to sign my LPU Summit ticket! Haha Then the Summit was basically over and after the picture I ran to line up for the pit section as many people started to do that.

The Concert

Was pretty close to the front of the line. Since we were in the Summit they let us in early. Got a spot front row right against the barricade almost in the center of the stage. Just a tiny bit to the left because I wanted to be a little bit more on Brad’s side of the stage. Since I was one of the first people in the pit I got the perfect spot. I was literally five feet away from the stage no joke. Mutemath went first then Incubus. Didn’t really get into them but they put on great shows both of them. I just wanted to see LP though. The place was packed! It was sold out with 25,000 people and I was in front of it all in the pit first row. Felt amazing lol So before I start talking about the show I just want to say that the set LP played that night was set B of the Honda Civic Tour. It is one of the greatest set lists they have had since the 2003/2004 days. So the concert started with A Place For My Head. Throughout the entire show I was jumping up and down, singing along, head banging, and rocking out hard. I lead that movement in the mosh pit! Haha Because in the beginning I was one of the only people really rocking out and jumping. But after warming up for a little bit everybody started joining in which made everything even more epic! They played Victimized/QWERTY 4th then followed with With You right after that being the 5th song. Come on. By the 6th song I literally started already losing my voice already no joke and was sweating so much from rocking and jumping. The setlist was highly energetic and the band was jumping and rocking out the entire time on stage and telling the audience to jump and get the fuck up too lol So it was really fun. The band members noticed me rocking and stuff. Had interactions with all of them. Mike, Brad, and Phoenix all acknowledged me. Phoenix got up on the stand in front of me and pointed at me. And if I remember correctly Mike and Brad pointed at me too. I know Mike and Brad were like whats up to me and I made eye contact with both of them a lot. A good amount of times Chester would come up to right in front of me and look at me while he was screaming/singing which was pretty badass because we were making eye contact the whole time. Made it a more intimate experience for me. The whole band were having fun and smiling on stage and the crowd was great. Chester said we were a band’s wet dream because we were so crazy haha I also made eye contact with Joe a lot during the show. He was definitely looking at me and thinking that mother fucker because I gave him shit for messing up the Numb intro every night this tour so far at the M&G haha but he nailed the Numb intro that night! After the show when they were saying bye Rob saw me, pointed to me, smiled at me, and then waved to me and I waved back and was like fuck yeah haha I also got Mike’s guitar pick from Faint! It was an amazing show with an amazing setlist and was highly energetic. My second LP show and the best one yet! Can’t believe I’m saying that but its true! LP are doing an amazing job this year with the setlists and energy levels. The LPU International Summit flag also made its way on stage which was really awesome! You could see my name that slowly went from small to big haha Spent like 2 months in the LPU message boards with a couple other LPU members trying to make the flag happen and it did and it came out amazing! Big shout out to Mike for that. After the show the flag was thrown into the crowd but I got it back and gave it back to Mike who gave it to Adam. Got a ride home with Adam who also lived in North Jersey so that worked out great. After only sleeping 40 minutes on the bus the night before I slept for 14 hours that night after the show! In conclusion now It was probably the best day of my life. Definitely the greatest experience of my life. I met a ton of awesome LPU members with whom I made a lot of new friends with and I’m extremely gratefully for that since everybody was so nice and awesome, I got to hang out and meet Linkin Park for the day, and I also witnessed an amazing concert where I rocked the fuck out and had a lot of interactions between me and the band. August 17, 2012 will be a day that I will never forget. Thanks to LP, the LPU staff, and the LPU members that made this day incredible and unbelievable.

(Photo taken by me of Brad performing the guitar solo to What I’ve Done. LPU Summit Flag also in the background.)

Damn that sounds fucking epic!! I can’t wait for my concert on Sept 8th I hope I get a good spot like you did! :slight_smile:


WOW!! I couldn’t stop reading…Ha! (I was so into it)…The way you described it, felt like I was there…Thanks :_)

I need to go to the next Summit!


WOW sounds like a HELL of a good tym Like Octavia said it feels like I was right there with u I’m not gona lie I was hating on u jus a lil bit lol but I’m glad u had fun I jus wish one day I can have the same EXPIRENCE that would b a dream come true

Sums up. Ore or less what I did except wasn’t next to brad and by well the luck of the Irish I got the backstage tour with mike and Phoenix, found out that if brad makes the working titles they come from a very special place and that once the working title was bloody war hammer and mike said he was all pumped and it was the Slowest…acoustic song he had ever heard. Oh and mike gave me a chocolate covered strawberry, food never tasted so good. Someone asked if it was intentional that when they come for me was the fifth track on ATS and I’ll be gone was also fifth on LT and mike said nah just coincidence then Phoenix cuts in saying nope it was completely intentional and that if we ever saw something that seemed as if it was intelligent then they did it on purpose. And hi fives mike as we left backstage.

absolutely was amazing. LP performing Sabatage…unreal… Summit was awesome. Few things I wish we could have added but all in all great time. Concert…10 - 10. Got pics to come as well. Shout out to Mike for putting together the group and hotel.


i wanted to go to the summit SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD[cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry] i didnt even get early entry to the show because i was late.[confused][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry] but the show was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!! you are right about the setlist bro, best one in a VERY long time by FAR. the band had so much energy to[biggrin] joe nailed numb so good to hahaha. oh BTW, chester called us a wet dream because everyone out on the lawn was soaking wet because it was storming like HELL out on the lawn hahahahaha you insiders didnt notice lol[biggrin] only my first show but it was such a good experience!!! i plan to go to many more and a summit or two lol but probobly not a summit. i will never get to go to one of them[cry] i still have hope!!!

Thanks so much for the nice comments guys = ) Really means a lot to me. I’m going to be completely honest here and say that the main reason I started this thread was because I spent like a couple hours writing this and it is 3 pages long and I posted it as a blog but I realized that my blog post would soon fall off the homepage and only like a few people would see if so I was like I’m not writing this whole thing for nothing! haha Anyways, since a lot of you guys enjoyed this I’ll probably do an experience post like this for all the concerts and other LP events (like M&Gs) and take a couple pictures and stuff in the future = )

Hey Holden,

You forgot about “plain chicken”…joking! I bet you’re glad you made the journey to the SBC just the like the rest of us in LPU! It was an ABSOLUTE AMAZING 20 hours of my life and I was glad to share it with such a great group of people. Great meeting you man and hopefully I’ll see you down the road!

  • Randy

I posted this in one of the other threads:

For those who have my Facebook, my Summit pictures are there (link in sig). I’ll just share some from the meet and greet here, though (click to enlarge)

In the third picture was the finished result of Hahn’s work. He turned the sadman into a transvestite with a weapon on his back, and he was playing connect the moles. None of that was inked though (last pic) haha

I’ll do some kind of write-up once I’m home from work.

Yeah I was behind you watching chester write that on your back, and though it was FUCKING PERFECT, the ink is great too, turned out awesome GOOD job.

Dude, your back is definitely one of the most badass LP tattoos ever. Fucking awesome!

[quote=Randy_1KSuns]Hey Holden,

You forgot about “plain chicken”…joking! I bet you’re glad you made the journey to the SBC just the like the rest of us in LPU! It was an ABSOLUTE AMAZING 20 hours of my life and I was glad to share it with such a great group of people. Great meeting you man and hopefully I’ll see you down the road!

  • Randy

Holy hell! I am now so stoked for this LP show coming up in just SEVEN DAYS!! I was lucky enough to score some pit tickets and I must say that your testimony got me so pumped and stoked!!!

Nice to hear that man! Have fun at the show! LP won’t disappoint! Rock out hard in the pit for all of us [biggrin]

On a side note however, I’m thinking about posting a few pictures of the stuff I got at the Summit/concert like the Summit pass, Mike’s guitar pick from Faint etc. Probably do that within the next couple days.

[quote=Holden]Nice to hear that man! Have fun at the show! LP won’t disappoint! Rock out hard in the pit for all of us [biggrin]

On a side note however, I’m thinking about posting a few pictures of the stuff I got at the Summit/concert like the Summit pass, Mike’s guitar pick from Faint etc. Probably do that within the next couple days.

My journey to the Summit really began in the middle of May, when the Summit was announced.

The Announcement
I was visiting my grandparents in Florida at the time, and my only access to the internet was from their computer. Pretty much on a daily basis, I would check my email and Facebook at least once a day, then I logged off. There was one day I was on Facebook and I saw a couple friends posting about an LPU Summit in New Jersey. I had already pre-ordered my tickets for the show in Mansfield on the 14th, and knew it would be a stretch to make the Camden one happen. But I thought if nothing else, I could at least try and secure a ticket. But I ran into a liiiiittle trouble.

Summit passes went on sale while I was stuck in the Tampa airport in a four(?) hour flight delay, and lucky for me, at home, my mom was able to get me a pass to the Summit. Then, about a month, maybe less, after, I bought my tickets to the show.

Journey to the Summit
My week really started on Tuesday. After a full day at work on Monday, my dad and I hit the road early Tuesday morning for that night’s Honda Civic show in Mansfield, Massachusetts. After a rather successful meet and greet and an outstanding show from Linkin Park (MuteMath and the little I saw from Incubus was great as well), we departed back home Wednesday morning. Once we were home, I immediately went to Wal*Mart and developed all my pictures from that show, and I also picked up a copy of Incubus’ live HQ album.

On Thursday, I put it half day at work. Once I came home, and packed all I needed, my mom and I picked up my 6th grade teacher (who is a big Linkin Park fan, and wanted to see the show), and departed 5 hours and about 45 minutes to our hotel (Days Inn and Suites Cherry Hill-Philadelphia) in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The Summit
After we woke up around 7 o’clock Friday morning, we grabbed a continental breakfast at the hotel, then departed for the venue.

I was surprised at how little a line there was once I got there, and I immediately found a couple of the people I was looking to spend the day with (even though I cut in line a bit [biggrin]). The other people I was looking to spend the day with eventually showed up and all found us, and didn’t hesitate to cut in line either. It’s a great feeling to finally see people face-to-face that you’ve come to know so well and become friends with online. The delay kind of sucked, only because I was stuck in the sun the entire time (which seemed like an eternity), but it was a great opportunity to interact with the people around me.

What I liked about Adam signing us all in was that I didn’t need my ID. After Adam recognized me in Mansfield earlier in the week, he saw me in line on Friday, and said I was good.

Once we all made it inside and entered all our extra tickets into the raffle, we made our way, first, to the MFR shirt designing. I picked out the three designs I liked best, and handed them in, with my shirt, to be pressed and picked up later. We then jumped in the next line for pictures with Brad’s guitars. After a somewhat long wait (and a free guitar pick, which I currently seem to have “misplaced”), the four of us were able to get a group photo together.

We were then led outside, behind the venue, for the bus tours. We also got to see all of the loading trucks and some of that crew as well. The buses really weren’t all that special, there was little room to move on them and there was a lot of room to sleep in really tight places. By the time we made it back inside, it was time for lunch. The Hard Rock Café was crazy, the whole atmosphere was just great.

After returning to the venue, and listening to the crew talk a bit, LP finally emerged. One of my favorite things that took place was Hahn’s little game to see who wound up with everybody’s money. After that was the Messenger and In My Remains acoustic, in which Mike had us sing his parts with them since they were too low.

After the Q&A, came the meet and greet. As we were lining up around the venue, I found myself near the back of the line. The funniest part about that was watching the early birds for the show standing outside with their faces pressed against the doors.

As Mr Hahn approached, I readied myself to get my back signed. What I didn’t know, was how much Joe would take advantage of the opportunity I gave him. He started drawing on the sadman on my back, then played connect the moles. Then he finally finished it off with his signature. Somewhere in there, too, Brad signed my back and moved ahead of him.

Dave and Rob would sign next, and I put in a request for a drum solo for Rob on the intro on Bleed, like they did a few years ago, since Sabotage took over the bridge. That never happened though.

Chester approached and I showed him the lyrics I wanted him to write for me. At one point he stopped and asked me “What are the lyrics again?” Fiore was also standing behind him filming it.

Last but not least was Shinoda, who asked himself while he was signing me, “Should I draw a picture? Yeah, I will.”

Then was the group picture, which found me in the back, unable to see the camera. Then they told us to turn around, so the people in the back were now in the front, which was great for me. In the last picture, Mike threw his popcorn in the air like confetti, and I think I even spotted some people fighting to eat it off the floor. Then LP left us for the show, and we had some time to ourselves before the general public was let in. During this time, (LPA) Derek (the infamous) took a picture of our little group with one of our cameras, which has now become my favorite picture to come from Friday (even made it my Facebook cover photo).

The Show
MuteMath up first. They have a great sound to them, but most of their songs just seemed to drag on forever (much like most Metallica songs).

Incubus put on an amazing show as well. I think my favorite performance from them was Promises, Promises

Last but not least was Linkin Park. What more can I say? Other than they brought the house down. I think they actually played a better set that night than they did in Mansfield. A Place For My Head as a lead-off song just set the stage for the rest of the night. Tinfoil+Faint leading off the encore = epic.

Overall great day at the Susquehanna Bank Center + Hard Rock Café. They should do another Summit in the northeast, yeah? My only regret is not having enough time to do everything. Also, forgetting to thank the band for bringing us all together under one roof for the day. It’s a great feeling to finally connect with the people you’ve been communicating online with for so long, but it all went away once the show ended.

I said earlier that I also picked up a copy of the new Incubus album earlier in that week. In there is a write-up from Brandon, describing what the whole experience of what that project was like. At the end he summed up the album with this thought, and I think, in my mind, it can be applied here as well. In this case, LPU Summit = the oatmeal.:

"The first few days of said experiment were indeed like putting my head into a microwave: radiated water particles vibrating violently behind my eyes until my physiology caterwauls and wants to collapse! Then…DING! A delicious bowl of oatmeal, sprinkled with organic, locally grown raisins sits before me. Thank you guys. I love oatmeal.

I wonder what’s for lunch…?"