404 - Page not found

Try this:

Go to "Manage account"
then click “points” on the left side and tell me if you get an error page too…

The same here, I sent an email to support but there is no answer.

The same problem.

Works fine for me. Weird

same here, i sent an email too.

same problem since 2 or 3 weeks

same problem since 2 weeks. And i am 2013 years old._.

have the same problem -.-

the same problem

I’ve got the same problem.

Hi guys, the same problem as well… Could you please fix it?

We wrote to ground(ctrl) support few days ago, they answered that they will fix it.

Yes, I’ve got the same problem.

The same problem

Resent to development to get fixed?

i have this problem and 2013 years old

me too i have the same!

oh and i am now a male!!! wont let me change it lol

The same problem. >.

same problem and I´m 2013 years old, too :slight_smile:
have sent an E-Mail today to ground support