Your story behind your love for LP

I don’t know if this thread has been posted before but I want to hear some stories of how people became to love LP’s music! Has it gotten you through a bad time? I know after my first daughter passed away I got into drugs and was in a bad abusive relationship. After dealing with the loss of her, the horrible abuse and drugs I wanted to end my life. I was actually listening to a song from LP when I realized I had to change my life. I left him and the drugs and turned to art and tattooing to vent my feelings instead of anger and drugs. I got my GED. Now let me hear your stories!

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Growing up no one understood me…I suffered depression…I didn’t know who I was…I was a lost soul and I’ve tried to end it all a couple of times…right after I was diagnosed with a personality disorder about 12 years ago, I heard “Crawling” for the first time…and I cried…because I understood what the song was saying…a few months later, I heard “One Step Closer” and I turned all my depression into anger…because it’s easier to identify why you’re angry then why you’re depressed…LP also turned my mom’s life around and it’s now the one thing that she and I share…

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I’ve listened since almost the start. From the get go I’ve loved how different they were and their sound. My husband and I were dating when Linkin Park’s HT came out. And now we’ve been married for almost 9 years. He’s Active Duty Navy and has been deployed twice and is always away from home and LP’s music has helped me soldier on through the good days and the bad days. Whenever I am down, their music makes me feel like I can heal and just hits that spot. I’ve gone through some rough things way back when, and to this day hearing “In The End” just makes me realize that it really doesn’t matter. Small things, big things, it won’t matter in the long run.

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I’ve been a huge fan since HT first hit. I told my then-boyfriend that this band was going to be HUGE. He didn’t believe me - I guess it’s like the first few record companies that ignored LP! Anyway, I have a hard time sitting still - especially in a car when you really have no choice, so I am constantly jamming out to LP in my mini-van (of all things)! I have my disc changer loaded up with Reanimation, HT, Meteora, MTM, ATS and Living Things. Depending on my mood, I will jam out as hard as I can on my way to work and on my home. I can’t really explain it, but it gets me pumped up and on bad days keeps my head up. The Cincy show rocked last night and I’m so blessed to have gotten amazing seats, although I did not get a M&G. Great post!

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i became a lp fan when my dad heard NUMB/ENCORE. he thought that the band playing behind JAY-Z was awesome!!! and so it begun. i think ALL of LPs lyrics can reflect my life in a way. they get me through some really tough times and i can’t thank them enough for that. LP will remain a part of me forever and more. thanks LP for your greatness and support for your fans!!![smile]

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great stories guys! i think its amazing when a band puts so much meaning, experiences, heart and soul into their music that we can connect and relate. i was listening to “Crawling” after i got the hell beat out of me and raped but hearing that song woke me up. and i changed everything. its awesome when music can show you and open your eyes.

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This response was taken from the “How Linkin Park Changed My Life” and “5 Albums That Changed Your Life Thread” over at

In high school, for me, the best way to avoid confrontation was to ignore everybody and everything else. I became very self centered and put up walls to block everybody out. I did this to avoid being bullied, as I was my whole life in school. I shut up, kept my head down and thought about how I wanted to get back at people. I was the kid who sat alone at the lunch table. At the time, I wasn’t fine with that. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be one of the people at the “popular table.” I wanted to be one of the kids who stepped all over me. The ones who punched me. The ones who stole my lunch. The ones who sneezed, spit and coughed on me. I wanted to be more, but felt like nothing. I started listening to Korn quite a bit because I felt I could relate a little. Still, I felt empty. I begged and pleaded for them to stop as I took my high school classmates’ abuse for a year. Tired of it all, without an end in sight, I wanted out of my life. I felt that things would be better off without me. One day when I got home from school, I turned on the radio to do my homework and I heard a song on the radio that would change my life.

"I cannot take this anymore
Saying everything I’ve said before
All these words, they make no sense
I found bliss in ignorance
Less I hear, the less you say
You’ll find that out anyway
Just like before

I find the answers aren’t so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts, they make no sense
I found bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again
Just like before

Everything you say to me
(Takes me one step closer to the edge)
And I’m about to break
I need a little room to breathe
('Cause I’m one step closer to the edge)
I’m about to break

Shut up when I’m talking to you
Shut up"

I never heard a song that I could relate to so much before. It was almost as if the writer of the song had me in mind when they wrote it. Every lyric in the song made me feel more alive than I ever had before. It finally felt like somebody understood me. I used this song as my motivation. The day the album came out, I skipped class and bought it with my lunch money. I listened to the album from front to back thinking about how I wasn’t sure about the rapping. Unsure, I listened again and actually read the words to the song. I was elated to find that some how I could relate to just about every word in the entire album. To say I had a new favorite band here was an understatement. I was enamored with not only their music, but with their artistic style as well. I bugged the hell out of the guy at the record shop to order in Linkin Park shirts. I told everybody I could at school about the band (even though “Crawling” and “In The End” helped with that). I wrote “Linkin Park” on my black backpack with white out. In my study hall I wrote out the lyrics to the songs of Hybrid Theory as I sang them in my head. This album made me feel like someone else cares because they went through what I was going through. They survived. I was going to as well. Hybrid Theory Saved my life.

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For me, it was in 8th grade. I was bullied by essentially two people. They treated me like absolute garbage. As if I wasn’t a person. When I cried, they laughed. I hated them, and I still do. But thankfully by that time I knew who Linkin Park was. And so, I would listen to Numb, Breaking the Habit, One Step Closer, and Faint. Not always in that order. To this day, Linkin Park has helped subside my anger. I recently went to the show at the Palace of Auburn Hills. And there, I let out all of my demons. Every last one of them-and there were a lot. I had lost my entire voice, sweat had poured into my eyes to a point where they burned so much that I could barely open them. That is how much I love Linkin Park! They are at the very core of who I am. They taught me about love, about trust, about lies, and about hate. I love L.O.V.E. to write and they are part of the reason why. They have been my inspiration. And finally, they have helped give me the strength to carry on

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I remember hearing “In The End” on the radio when I was in 6th grade and falling immediately in love with the song and the band soon after. Linkin Park is the only band or artist even that I can say I like every song that they have ever recorded on all five albums plus New Divide, Carousel, Blackbirds, and my favorite - My December. I just love that I can interpret their music in my own way and finding myself relating to the lyrics and thus helping me get through the good times and the bad.

I’m proud that I can call myself a Linkin Park fan for life. Being able to see them twice so far in concert has been amazing and I look forward to my next LP concert whenever that may be. I was selected to attend the M&G in Cincinnati last night and it was the most amazing thing ever. Dream come true.

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lol people keep posting threads like this
im positive i’ve wrote about this a month ago or so

but whatever x]

im glad LP and their music has gotten into you and you have changed for the better!
congrats sara

as for me, they are a big help too
they make me feel im not alone and they actually do care and completely understand me
since there is no one else who really does anyway

ill always love their music

ironicly , when i was younger i never liked rock music
but once i started to listen to them
while i was having issues with family and school
i started to LOVE them

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lol thats why i said i wasnt sure if its been posted before. im just recently becoming a more active member of the community after hearing some stories at the concert in Alpharetta. some people seemed shocked by my story because i have been through so much shit in my life. its cool meeting others who have stories like this.

It starts with one… So here we go : Almost 2 years ago ( yeah, Im not a fan since the first days and I admire everyone who can call him/herself like that. But thats not a reason to describe younger fans as " not real ones ". I probably know or I m related as much as you guys bout ( to) LP. ) two friends did a school project bout their fave band ( LP ). That time, I kinda havent found my musical taste, so listening to music wasnt one of my life - directing activities. However, I didnt listen to the information, but suddenly, they started playing a music vid of a song called In The End ( after that Figure 0.9 ). Now it sounds like a fairytail, if I´m telling that I completely fell in love with it, the first moment … I learned the lyrics, and how to play it on the piano. Soon, I got to Youtube and discovered more songs ( I guess : Breaking The Habit, One Step Closer, Figure 0.9 ), in fact, I didn`t know anything about the band, their released albums and so on. My family background started to get worse, so I broke up with everything ( also listening to LP ), maybe it was my destiny to be called back to life and LP, as I bought Meteora at a gas station in our village… This album with its dark, deep lyrics saved my ming once more and I got a real fan by buying each record. There were more up and downs in my way of becoming who I am right now, but let me, as a finish , just tell ya the highest hight : My first LP concert ( 5th June, Berlin, Germany ), I was with the feet in the 2nd row but with head and heart in the first one :wink: Thx LPU for that unforgettable experience !

I was always an LP fan but after being diagnosed with Leukemia at 17 years old, it started a whole new chapter in my life. Going through chemo treatments, losing friends (both past friends due to it being too difficult for them to see me and new friends who were also battling cancer and lost the fight) and all the struggles that come with it…their music helped me cope. At one point I had an eye infection that I was literally in the dark for 3 days until my eyes healed because the light hurt me so badly. I listened to LP for those days just to get by.

When I was better I was able to do Make a Wish since I was under 18 with a life threatening illness, and I wished to meet LP. I met them and was hooked, if you’ve never met them…let me tell you…the guys are beyond amazing. So friendly and genuine, it’s unreal.

PS: It’s been 10 years since diagnosis as of Oct 1 and I am doing great! Currently pregnant with my first child. :slight_smile:

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Their music touched me. A friend of mine gave me the MP3s of Hybrid Theory and Meteora. We were about 13 years old and listened to the albums again and again. Then after I understood how internet is working I started to listen to everything by them and started to buy all their albums.
Linkin Park has been always there to support me, to cheer me up.

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First LP song I ever heard was Crawling. Up to that point in my life I was not really that into music at all. I went out and bought Hybrid Theory the first opportunity I got. This was all the way back in 2001 and from that moment all the way until this one now and likely many years to come LP has been my unquestionable favorite band. Without LP I never would have gotten into any of the music I am into now or possibly just music in general. Music is my life now, I listen to things from morning to night, I play bass guitar, and music (very specifically LP) has helped me through all of the toughest times in my life; From break ups, to my mom dying of cancer, the emotions of leaving home for the first time to just this past year where I separated myself from most everyone I used to know that wasn’t being a positive influence on my life and starting over… I found meaning in their music then and I continue to find new meaning all the time and it has grown with me into who I am today. Linkin Park changed my life 11 years ago and they’re something I’ll hold dear forever.

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The first Linkin Park song I ever heard was Faint. I loved it. Linkin Park is one of the only modern bands that doesn’t suck. And there’s no one else like Linkin Park. No one else makes songs like they do. There songs also satisfy a lot of different people who like different music genres. Linkin Park can’t even be in a specific genre. They cover so many wide varieties of music in a single song. They cover rap, rock, metal, and an electronic sound as well. On iTunes their genre should just be LP. They have songs that are complete rap, songs that are complete rock, and mixes of both. And I believe the biggest fans for any band in the world are Linkin Park fans. And what other band has something like the LPU? This is the best website, you get to do some much stuff related to Linkin Park. Unreleased songs, meeting them, playing their instruments, talking to them, going backstage with them, answering questions, old merchandise, photos, auctions, giveaways, everything. And all the band members when I met them were so nice. Chester even had a conversation with my mom. And at the end at the 8/15/12 show, I ran upto the stage and Rob handed me a drumstick and Phoenix gave me pic. They must have remembered me from backstage and saw I was a huge fan. And over the stage I got to shake all their hands again. And I tried to get near Mike who was in the middle, and the security guard wouldn’t let me, so Mike saw and came over and shook my hand. are so cool. LINKIN PARK FOR LIFE!!! [LP][razz]

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Eigth years ago, when I was a kid, my sister and I went to their first concert in Brazil. I don’t remember any part of the concert because I was very young but probably it was the beggining of everything. It was their biggest show in their career so certainly it was the beggining.

when i i first heard hybrid theory in new zealand i think it was crawling that was released first i wasn’t a fan then in the end came out it changed everything. meteora,minutes to midnight and now living things would have to be my all time favourite. little things give you away is one of the greatest songs i’ve ever heard so powerfull and when they perform it live it gives me shivers. the thing that makes this band so great is they are not willing to become stale they are always evolving there sound which makes them one of the greatest modern bands in music.

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I dont really have a story behind likling them, when I first heard them I LOVED their music, I think I was like 11 so I didn’t have any emotional stuff etc going on.
I have liked them ever since and now at 23 I have had my fair share of ‘bad times’ and Breaking the Habit is a song I can really relate to. I believe I am on a slow road to self destruction and LP really helps me relate.
Plus Chesters Hot :wink:

I was in my late 20’s when LP first came out but emotionally I was stuck at 20 for a few reasons. Growing up I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my mom. I just never did anything good enough for her no matter how hard I tried. My dad, who wasn’t a saint by any means and had his flaws, was always there and he didn’t care what I told him. He could ask me anything and I’d answer honestly. I rarely felt afraid of him or felt I had to tell lil white lies whereas with my mom I was so scared of her and always felt that I had to hide my real self from her. My dad passed away when I was 20 and I was the one to find him dead when I came home from work. That sent me into a spiral for a few years of just trying to fill the void with whatever. Never really fell into drugs beside smoking some weed and drinking on occassion. By the time I met my husband at almost 24 I had dug myself into quite a hole and had just gotten out of a very abusive relationship. He helped me mend that to a point. I ended up doing the rest of work after I had my son 5 1/2 years later.

The lyrics in LP’s songs have always spoken to me over the years. I wish LP would have been around when I was growing up. Numb and In the End are two songs that I think explains the relationship with my mom back then. I have had to do so much work on myself in the past 10 years to get to where I am now. I’ve never been happier and have so much in my life to be thankful for…my husband and son being the two big things. My son is the reason that I get out of bed on the mornings that I just want to stay in bed. He is what drives me through getting my bachelor’s degree and teaching credentials.

My love or obsession with LP has really grown in the past few years since MTM. What I’ve Done is probably the song that I would pick to be my anthem for my change. When that came out it really helped me continue pushing through all the tough patches.

To some it would seem silly that a band could have so much influence on a person and no one in my life (besides my son) loves LP as much as I do. I love coming here to be around people that are just obsessed and crazy about LP as I am.

I also always felt like an outsider growing up…in my family, in school, etc. I always felt like I was on the outside of something looking in through a barrier that I couldn’t get through. I don’t really care anymore. I am who I am. Like me or don’t because it really doesn’t affect me. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin and I think LP has helped me get there in its own way.