Your private LP show. 1 Song from each LP. What is your set list?

If LP was putting on a show in your garage but the set list was limited to 4 songs, 1 from each (non remix or soundtrack) album. What would your set list be and why?

  1. Pushing Me Away- Haven’t heard this live in a long time.
  2. Faint- My personal favorite. The intro, the guitars, Mike and Chester. It doesn’t get any better. Never get sick of this song…ever.
  3. The Little Things Give You Away- They did this live on the M2M tour and blew me away with the harmonies.
  4. When They Come for Me- On the recording its one thing. Live it’s another.

Your list?

that’s a hard desicion. I mean, if they’d ever play in my garage (don’t have one yet XD ) than they should be playing every single one.

but… I’m Trying

  1. In The End - Cause it’s one of my fav songs.
  2. Faint - so cool to rock out to
  3. The Little Things Give You Away - awesome song to be played live
  1. A Place for My Head - Fun to sing along and awesome to watch Chester flip out at the end.
  2. Lying From You (With Chester scream) - Meteora is by far my most favorite album so this was the toughest choice because my top 2 are Lying From You and Somewhere I Belong and I can only pick 1. But, Lying From You has a banging guitar opening love it.
  3. No More Sorrow - In my opinion, this is the best track from MTM.
  4. Blackout - I’m assuming by the time someone reads my Thousand Suns choice they get the feeling I tend to lead towards the “Chester Oriented” screaming songs so Blackout was a no brainer for me.

This would be a dream come true.

  1. Wretches & Kings to put the fire in the place.
  2. Breaking the Habit to start and feel the rage.
  3. Pushing Me Away to get in the mood.
  4. Shadow of the Day to cry like a saint.


  1. My all time favorite, No Roads Left, to give me a heart attack and take my life away. :’)

You know what? I edited my post 5 times now, I CANT CHOOSE! xD

No Roads Left definately! Why this isn’t an “official” album track is beyond me.
What a great freakin’ song!

Glad to see another Little Things Give You Away fan here too!

Crap! Forgot No More Sorrow. Indeed the best track on M2M.

lets see…

  1. Little things give you away - Chester’s voice at the end, with the drums and the guitar going up… is simply epic.
  2. From the inside - That song describes everything
  3. What I’ve Done - All the songs in MTM are great, but in my opinion, this is the best one ever.
  4. In the End - The very first song I ever heard from them

special mention to

  1. new divide - Last year, when they came to Argentina for the first time, they played the song,but I was too near of the stage and the crowd smashed me against the fences …so I blacked out…and missed the song…! It was only for five minutes, but when I awake the song was over. Damn.

My setlist would be:

  1. With you*
  2. Faint - This song live is fckn incredible
  3. Given up*
  4. Blackout - When they come to Argentina it was not on the setlist, and I’d love to hear it in concert

*they’re my favourite songs in each album.

Hardddddddddd decision… hum hum

1: In the End (my favorite music, amazing)
2: From the Inside
3: Leave out all the rest
4: The messenger

Can i choose more, please ?! :slight_smile:

  1. Papercut, best song to kick it off…
  2. Pushing Me Away Yea, I count Reanimation as an LP
  3. Numb One of their best songs
  4. New Divide I’m counting it so don’t even try!
  5. Waiting for the end because I didn’t wanna copy you on the When They Come For Me
  6. Burn It Down For now, It’ll have to do.

Just from the albums:

Points of Authority Such a kickass song, one of my all time favorites.
Somewhere I Belong Classic LP right here. So good.
What I’ve Done/Bleed It Out This was a hard one. MTM was such a good album, it’s a tie between these 2.
Wretches and Kings One of the sickest LP songs ever.
Burn It Down Since it’s the only one, plus it’s an awesome song.

1 Pushing Me Away-this is one of my all time fav lp songs so many great pieces to this song
from chesters great singing mike kick ass raping the incredible guitar and bass from brad and phoenix alsome drums from rob and of corse the magic mixes from joe

2 From The Inside-it has great softer singing and then kicks u in the ass at the end with the hard rocking guirar and chesters screaming words

3 In Pieces-great song with lyrics that hit home helped me get threw a hard breack up and of corse there is the alsome solo from brad at the end

When They Come For Me this song always makes me smile besides the alsome background sounds it has a good message that they e not going to make there songs the way ever one else wants them to but how they want to express them selfs and the tell us to live our own lifes the way we want not how ever one else want u to keep up the great work guys and all the great and different sounds u guys make LP fan for ever

PB N’ Jellyfish
26 lettaz
No Laundry

Wow that’s hard to choose. EHmmm…

  1. In The End (love Mike rapping)
  2. Numb (my all time favorite song)
  3. What I’ve Done (cause it simply is epic)
  4. Iridescent (cause it means a lot to me)
  1. Pushing Me Away - until ats my favorite song
  2. Faint
  3. In Pieces
  4. Blackout - my new fav.

5. When They Come For Me - i love just as Blackout :slight_smile:

  1. Pushing Me Away
  2. Easier To Run
  3. Leave Out All The Rest
  4. Wretches and Kings
  5. Burn It Down :wink:

My setlist:

  1. Papercut
  2. Breaking the habit - my absolutly favourite song
  3. Leave out all the rest
  4. Blackout - perfekt Song
  5. Burn it down [smile]
  1. One Step Closer - My favourite song of all time
  2. Breaking The Habit - It has alot of different and amazing sounds in it
  3. Bleed It Out - The guitars are awesome, I get to hear Mike rap and Chester scream
  4. Iridescent - I consider it the greatest song ever made

For LIVING THINGS, obviously I don’t know yet, but I’m really looking forward to hear Castle Of Glass

Omg that’s so hard… but here it goes…

  1. One Step Closer - because it was the first song that really made me love LP
  2. Easier To Run - I think they should sing that song more often. It’s so awesome and I would really love to hear it live.
  3. The Little Things Give You Away - Such a beautiful song. I have no words to describe it.
  4. Wretches and Kings - I’ve always loved that song from the first time I listen to it.

It depends on what I want to see there. Lets imagine, your girlfriend is with you and you want to kiss her and hug here, there is something quiet needed:

  1. Pushing me away ( the piano version they played on the mtm-tour)
  2. Numb
  3. Valentines Day
  4. The messenger

But if it should be loud and I want to jump and mosh arround ( and your girlfriend likes jumping and moshing arround more than stupid lovesongs :stuck_out_tongue: ), then it would be that:

1.One step closer
2. Faint
3. No more sorrow
4. Waiting for the end