#XmasLightForChester project

Hi everyone, I wanna share with you a project I’m working on and I’d be really happy if you’d like to join it.

I’m creating a kind of virtual “advent calendar” on Twitter/Instagram. Instead of revealing chocolate day by day, I’ll be revealing a list of 25 daily missions to accomplish from Dec 1st to 25th :star2:

I’ll be posting on Tw/IG the goal of the day and you should achieve it sharing pic/vid/text with the official hashtag #XmasLightForChester.

The purpose is to bring a light in your lives if you’ll be participating, each task will be related to Chester, what he loved and what he tried to teach to us.

You can follow official Twitter profile http://twitter.com/XmasLight4Chaz (where there’s an active poll to decide how to betray the missions) and official Instagram page http://www.instagram.com/xmaslightforchester.

I’ll be glad to know what you think about the project, if you’ll be joining and - please - if you like it spread the message :slight_smile:

If you wanna follow me on Twitter just reach out and say hi at http://twitter.com/six_182 :two_hearts:


As I already said, I’m in! :heart:

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Great! I’m so glad to hear that :two_hearts:


I can’t wait to see the first mission! :heart_eyes: 'Love this idea!

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Thank youuuu!! I will be tweeting the missions from the official profile so follow it :wink:

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Sounds great i am in


Cool, thank you! Which is your handle on Twitter?

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Just as information for you all, the poll we did on Twitter results with the option to post one mission per day.
We’ll be posting on both Twitter and Instagram.
Hope to see you participating! :heart: :unicorn:

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Hey guys, this morning we caught Talinda’s attention and she retweeted our project saying she loves it and I’m so so so soooo very happy of this. Then she’s following us on Twitter, so: do you wanna join us and show her how much love we have for her and her family? <3
Here the profile: http://twitter.com/XmasLight4Chaz



Hi everyone, we started our project and it’s absolutely beautiful!
Feel free to catch up the missions and join us :slight_smile:

Did a drawing on insta for today! Can’t wait to see what the next prompts are. This is a great idea.

Thank you so much!!!