Written poems by lpu members



Can‘t shake these Thoughts,
they‘re always there,
somewhere deep in my head.

They won‘t let me sleep,
they don‘t let me be,
always make me think…

Don’t have the power to controle them,
its like I‘m standing beside me, powerless,
like a weak Shadow of myself.

All alone I cry myself to sleep,
and wish that a didn‘t have to breath.
But my lungs they won’t stop work,
and my heart it won‘t stop beat.

And the dark Thoughts are still killing me.


Why didn’t I see this before? I’ll upload something too, I’m not very good really, but I put my heart in it (that’s what is important, right? :sweat_smile:). That’s what I wrote for Chester:

                        20TH  JULY

As black wings rip the sky
Angels’ tears paint blood those raven feathers
Fire burns and fades under a light rain
While a deep echo is spreading far and wide

Can you see through the water veil which blurs your mind?
Your eyes covered by black pearls upon a snowy coat
Shed tears in the shade of a simple laugh
Your smile, like mist wrapping in a warm hold
The demons turned into a lie

And the pain like a wave sweeps trust away
Falling stars kiss the ground like tears
Your soul, a stairway to light, wrapped in luxuriant leaves
An ode to life echoes in empty space

So under a cypress unfold your wings
Forever bring those earrings you sworn on
For us, won’t you never take them off
A cursed noose lies six feet under the floor
And the earth cries eternally

The pain, a wound on my chest,
Wards the hope off
But the memory, like a kiss on the heart
Brings you back here again

And if this hole I can’t stand
I’ll remember that morning reading a line
What was written upon like a spear crossed my mind,
As a warning, it cried:
“All sparks will burn out in the end”


Oh, God! I’m speechless. I felt your sentiments…

I loved it! Congrats!

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That’s very deep, thank you for sharing it. :hugs:

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They are lovely poems! :heart:

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Love it, very touching. Thanks for sharing.

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