Woman who had to pee

Hey everyone!! hope you all had safe travels home from the Bristow show! If you clocked this you probably remember my little ol mom having to pee the whole time! I figured I’d start the threat! So post all/any/or none of the pictures and videos! I’m still making the video, I’ll post it here when I’m finished it!

LOL, I have been busy with the baby but I had to come and check to see if anyone had yet put this up…I had an awesome time waiting in line with you all! And I’m so glad your daughter didn’t pass out when she met Chester, cause I really wasn’t paying attention and probably would have dropped her, lol. I will upload my video’s up on youtube and give you the links as soon as they are done.

Here’s the link to the video!!! :slight_smile:

This is awesome, Bailey!

This video was so great! your reaction is exactly how i picture myself reacting!