Who wants back DC Shoe to make LPU's t-shirts?

The DC’s t-shirts are way better than the new ones. Who is with me?

Me! That’s so true, but I guess they cost more :smiley:

me too

DC’s t-shirts are definitely better than the new ones. I agree with you

Yeah I agree DC were better quality but I guess they’re trying to keep the cost down too x

I agree with you V1CT0R.

I don’t mind pay 10$ more for a DC t-shirt instead


Why would you want them to make LPU shirts? They would cost even more than they are now. The new shirts are better material, and you get a little DC symbol everywhere. This is the LPU, has nothing to do with DC. No idea why you would want this… it would cost more.

Well, the DC t-shirts were better when it comes to quality but come on. That would make the cost of it go up PLUS it’d be flooded with the DC sign everywhere. What’s the point?
I think that some people want the DC t-shirts back just cause DC is a huge brand and they wanna show off and be “cool”. That’s not for me, I’m fine with what we’re getting now, pure LPU t-shirts :slight_smile:

Sorry dude dc make grrat prody but the soft shirts you get from lpu are the bomb.

I totally agree with you, like most of the tshirts LPU | DC … is noted for the quality … I love the dcshoecousa

yeah dc shoe co. =D

I have not a taste of the new brand that make the LPU shirts, all the shirts that came from the $1 sale for me are all still DC. If LPU 11 shirt is from this new brand than I think the soft shirt quality is quite good, but I only washed it once or twice so we’ll see :slight_smile:

If there were to be another brand making these shirts, I would want the quality on par with DC shirts.

LPU newer t-shirts have horrible designs. Some of them I look at like, what were they thinking. For instance the headphones, scissors, such cheap concepts it seems like. Sorry to the artists that made them, but give them a fresh clean style that matches the band.


i really love the LPU1 shirt from puma too

lo yeah, they have the DC label like in every corner of the shirt, dont really like that. As someone already said, to me it’s like showing of because DC is so ‘cool’. DC is great quality i guess, but too heavy for me. Soft ftw.


Yeah I want them back too…

Better quality (hell every single DC tshirt bought in a shop cost around 30 euros) and design.

Now LPU is “expensive” if you get the premium package so, why not include a DC? I remember 2006 was way cheaper and we got DC

YES! I keep it a simple answer =)

I love DC, so I’m with you!