Who are the youngest and the oldest LPU members?

Hi to everyone!
I’ve just joined LPU and I’m 16;I want to discover if there is someone who is younger than me in this community! Tell me your age and we’ll find the youngest and the oldest LPU members! [smile]

Trust me you are not the youngest and not the oldest member^^
The youngest member i saw so far is 11 or 12 years old and the oldest 37 years

btw I´m 31

Just guessing: youngest 7, oldest 65? No idea
I’m 20

Still 16 but almost 17 :wink:

Almost 19 :slight_smile:

23 :smiley: Here

i’m 27 today

youngest i would guess 11/12
and oldest maybe 71/72

i’m 20 :slight_smile: almost 21 D:

I’m 28

hey ive just joined aswell :slight_smile: im also 16…turning 17 this month :slight_smile:

I know there’s someone at least 50 that is or was in the LPU. And then I remember someone who was 9 as well. I’m 21…nothin special.

19!!! =D

happybirthday to sian. Im 42 so i must b near the upper age bracket, youngest no idea.[rolleyes]

23 here :slight_smile:

Im 16! turning 17 this month :slight_smile:

I’m 27

I’m 17. [biggrin]

i think that the one of 37 you talking about is …me :slight_smile: lol, but i’m not the "winner ", i saw that weazel is 42; but lpu11 is my 11 years as lpuer :wink:

im 7