Whitney Houston, Rest In Peace



Am i the only one who really doesn’t care 1 bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Diva passed away. RIP

One of the greatest singer of the century.
It’s sad she finished that way and that early.

Such a sad news [cry] RIP Whitney.

[quote=Ginger]Am i the only one who really doesn’t care 1 bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s quite sad that she died, but since I don’t even know any song by her, I don’t really care about it.
Anyways, rest in piece…

Its sad that she died but everyday around the world people are dying.Thats how lives goes.sadly but true :frowning:

:frowning: her voice was incredible!

RIP, Whitney.

I agree her voice was so powerful and she will be missed :frowning:

Was it a suicide? Or a suicide in installments by drugs consumption? Anyway, it’s sad :frowning:
I don’t really like the reporting about such things. People could began to think suicide is a solution.

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.

We lost a very very talented musician.

Prayers for your daughter and of course the rest of the family


when people die, dont say no one cares. they have family members who care and their friends, and people close to them.

i wasn’t a big fan of her, but knew her music from my mom being a fan of her, and growing around it. its not that its more important that shes a famous person. she just had impact from what she did. selling albums, stuff like that. and just because you are famous doesn’t mean ur rich. someone could be rich and not be famous.

and she was an musician, ur suppose to give credit to musicians and other famous people who did good and passed away.

i dont really care… but RIP and RIP to those who died at the same day without recognition.