Which other bands do you like?

@evooba @magalie @Tweek With me, I guess the idea is more like…

the current song in this loop is Think


Hahaha I have been known to do a bit of that myself lol.

I do that too. Like right now, first and last song I always play is Welcome simply because I love it too much. That though, doesn’t mean I stick to FM only for an X period of time. I’d go crazy if I listened to a certain artist only.

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I personally think that sticking to a particular band/artist only must be a bit crazy, 'cuz you miss out on loads of good music, but then some people do have the guts to do it. About FM, as I’ve said before, I am not a big fan.

Well, I might be a bit crazy ;), but I have been hearing to 99% Linkin Park the last months (maybe year or longer). It’s just what I really like at the moment :). And I’ve never had enough of a Linikin Park song. I don’t know, that might be, because LP songs (most of them) have a lot of energy in them… so they are different to songs that are “just” sad (e.g.) (I don’t mean that in a negative way, I hope you don’t understand false what I’m trying to say… I just think, for me, personally, I can have enough of slow sad songs after a while but not of songs that like the most of LP). E.g. 2004 I listened a lot to “In the arms of an angel” (by Sarah McLachlan) and today I wouldn’t listen to that anymore (even though I’m of course not saying the song is bad, but I can’t hear it anymore, at all). But LP songs have energy in them, and, I don’t know, but that somehow helps to cope with a lot of things. Of course there are other bands too who have similar style songs or songs that are great aswell. I know, but Linkin Park has everything I want for the moment.

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Precisely. And it’s ok to not like FM. I personally don’t like DBS and I’ve gotten hate for it unfortunately. Like, I don’t understand why I must like something just because X member of the band wrote it.

Limp biskit, mother love bone, suicidal tendencies, beatles,

Dont you think this might happen to LP songs in 2020 to you? (Just trying to scare you. huehuehue) But…

@EvoOba Give them a little :sparkling_heart:

Hahaha… Well, I do like Let Down but I haven’t listened to any of the songs ever since the album came out. Got bored of it way too fast.

Rise Against, Pennywise, No Use For a Name, NOFX, Blue October, Social Distortion, Blink 182, Julien-K, Sunrise Avenue, Bad Religion, Descendents and many other.

Yeah nofx and bad regligion, great ol (100 years) staff, like a lot

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Some of the artists, aside Linkin Park, that I like to listen to are:

Eminem, 2pac, The Listening, Papa Roach, Fort Minor, Aaliyah, Royal Tailor, Switchfoot, Pillar, Fallout Boy, Hillsong, Five Minutes, Pink, Missy Elliot, Anouk, Guano Apes, Paramore, POD, Weird Al Yankovich, Backstreet Boys [yes, really], Matisyahu, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Kid Cudi, Xzibit…

Well, just to name a few. Some of them I don’t follow that religiously, though. I like listening to all sorts of music really.

I agree, sts I love listening to several radio stations to get new inspiration, be on top of info, but then, a song I hear in the radio I fell in love with, since now I never to manage to get the artist and buy sth new, got the ol things from my teen&twen times but real new stuff? Don´t really know

i like :
Foo Fighters
Qeens of the Stone Age
Die Ärzte
Tenacious D
Billy Talent
Biffy Clyro

and many many many many others :slight_smile:

-My Chemical Romance
-Foo Fighters
-System Of A Down (Scars On Broadway & Serj Tankian Solo too)
-Rise Against
-Billy Talent
-DBS & Fort Minor of course (more into FM to be honest)

@amitrish : “Dont you think this might happen to LP songs in 2020 to you?” No, never. That can’t possibly happen :).

Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise for sure. Then there is Korn,Hoobastank, 30 Seconds To Mars, 10 Years which I love so much at the moment, Poets Of The Fall, Take That ,Breaking Benjamin,Foo Fighters, The Killers, System Of A Down and Papa Roach.

I like
System Of A Down
Fort Minor
Rise Against
and many others :smile:

(No specific order):
-Linkin Park (I’m not blind I read the title lol)
-Blindspott / Blacklistt (whichever name you wish to call them by)
-Limp Bizkit
-Thousand Foot Krutch
-12 Stones
-Fort Minor
-One Republic
-Dead by sunrise
-Like a storm
-Hollywood Undead
-Nine Lashes
-We as Human
-Of Mice And Men

I’m open to almost all types of music, though I don’t like EDM and there isn’t a word in existence to describe my loathing of dubstep and mainstream pop.

Or you can be even more old fashioned and stick to good ol’ CDs like me :smile: