Where is the soldier, you are missed! Trollololi Trollolola

@AJ_7, @lpfan61 and @theearlywalker are right.

Please stay with us, you are not alone. We are all here for you if you need to talk.

No judgment, just support. Sending you strength. :muscle:


@theearlywalker , @lpfan61 @AJ_7 @Lilyope are 100 percent right with every thing they have said

What ever is that you are going through you don’t have to face it alone you have people here for


I don’t know who are you, but I worried for what you said.

In this place you can find someone who can understand you. Everyone here help each other all the time, we are a big family and really care what happens to our brothers and sisters.

My siblings have already said all I could say, but I would like to know why you are giving up, what is the problem and if we can help you in any way.

I don’t want to pressure you, so when you feel comfortable let us know it and don’t feel shame, whatever is bothering you, there will be someone who is with you.

Time to time and step by step.


Who gives a fuck? Everybody here does.

Your life is worth so much more to people than you will ever know.

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out, there’s always somebody here to help you, or at least listen to you if you ever need to vent.




Hey buddy…
just got here to post this and i find your post

do me a favor… don’t allow the darkness of the cocoon get to ya
yes you’ve been crawling all your life and yes it looks like the end and it’s getting dark.
But the real question is… how scared are you of flights?

Right when you think it can’t get any darker, your wings will cut through!
i would not DARE to speak on it if i didn’t know darkness myself (as most real LPSoldiers)
and only because i went through it myself i am now, with the help of my LP brothers, dedicated to share what i’ve found!

This is called “Grande Finale”
because that’s what it always comes down to for the poor caterpillar!

press play please?
let’s ride this off together!
You, me and our common brothers!

(This is only part 1 out of 3, find the rest here : LP Inspired videos)

but alternatively, if you wanna go shorter, i can get to that depression longer!
This is just 16mins.
Depression has a lot of fun and games until…

i hope something of my work can be of use to you.
My life changed with Chester.
Now i’m here only for the soldiers left behind!

Where Achilles died, a medicinal herb that heals muscles spawned called “Achillea” and it was his final gift
to the standing fellow soldiers!
i hope you make some good use of mine.

Keep it strong warrior!
armor up with the gear!
it’s a matter of survival and you’ve done great so far!


Could you please reply to us we are here with you don’t harm your self please…


We don’t want to lose one more person on this planet please stay here…


Just listen to one more light and as you can see chester cares about you.


I agree with everyone. We care :muscle: stay strong. Reach out


Please reply to us!


Yeah, @Fravaco we’re calling you!


@Fravaco, it makes me so sad, to read your words. You just have this one life, don´t throw it away!


Please dont give up! There is hope! You should be proud of yourself for simply being brave enough to speak out about how you’re feeling! From my recent experience with the LPU family I can honestly and truly say that their is SO MUCH LOVE in this community! Dont be afraid to reach out and seek help, whether it’s with one of us, or a professional, or BOTH?!
Just don’t give up! The LPU family gives a fuck about you even if we don’t know you personally. We are here for you :gift_heart:


I’ve tried to find @Fravaco online though some searching and almost every account I come by has been deleted recently. I found one that still is up and I’ve tried to contact them on there. I will update if I hear back


Thank you! :heart:


Thanx Jordan…


I received a message back from @Fravaco this morning.

I’m not going to go into details because I don’t know what he wants to share, but he told me to thank everyone for their concern, but he isn’t ready to reply himself yet


Thank you Jordan!! :hugs:
Glad to hear you talked with him! No need to go into details! :hugs: :hugs:

To @Fravaco too lots of hugs :hugs: :hugs: :muscle: :hugs:


This is such great news! Thank you @jFar920

@Fravaco we’re here for you whenever you are ready. Take all the time you need but remember you are not alone