When was the first time you heard linkin freakin park?

For me it was at a friends house it was the night of the MTV music awards when they showed the “breaking the habit” music video i was entranced by the music and the video and since that day it is still my favorite music video of all time. I’ve been an avid fan ever since buying all the albums and beginning to have enough money to purchase all the underground albums. i have yet to go to a concert i tried last year but college interfered but i plan to go to the next concert they do in my state!

When my dad played HT for the first time right after he had bought it. Legendary moment.

For me it was back in middle school when one of my friends let me borrow a copy of Hydrid Theory. I had already seen the One Step Closer video on MTV, but once that album of musical genious played through my head phones I never again considered any other band my favorite.

I was 8 yrs old while rideing in the car with my older brothers, i heard one of my brothers lising to this cd and i asked if i could borrow it and see what it was. It was linkinpark he said and gave me the cd i rly liked the beats and screaming right away, i didnt rly understand the lyrics lol i was young but i didnt rly officaly get into them until i hit middle school as well. But i rly liked them even before i had a clue who they were one time when i was in 4th or 5th grade and getting ready for skool on morining (In The End) came on my tv surpisely i rememberd who they were right away lol so i kind been a fan my whole life just didnt rly get into them till i got a lil older…[biggrin]

It was july 2001 early hours of morning,a friend played papercut[ugeek] on stereo. From then ive been hooked,i became an lp junkie.W[smile]

i heard linkin park for first time when i was 8 years old, linkin park was the favorite band of my older brother. :wink:

About 3 years ago I saw ‘Leave out all the rest’ video on television and I really liked it. Now I love it :smiley:

When I saw In the End video on MTV. I was about 5 years old and I fell in love with that video :slight_smile:

I was about 8 when we (my sisters and I) were watching music programme. Then I heard In The End and I fell in love :slight_smile:

I heard In The End when I was in first grade… on Radio Disney. It’s kinda funny, now that I think back to it xD

although I’d heard “one step closer” on the radio, I wasn’t really hooked and became an addict until I saw “in the end” on mtv, that changed my life in an instant, coz at that point I had heard a few awesome songs from them, and HAD to buy HT.

March 2003 - somewhere i belong on a tv advertising :slight_smile:

I believe it was the beginning of February 2001. I heard Papercut on the radio.

In 2001 i saw Linkin Park´s One step Closer on Viva and do not really like it, after i few times listeing i loved it!!![smile][lol]

first time was in the 2000, when my older brother brunt home a new rock cd. my sister and brother (my younger ones) got into already, but my brother would always play this song called “crawling” at nite, then later on as i start to get into, my sister and brother was starting to get out of it :3

i think it was when i was 11 or 12 when a friend of me show me no more sorrow. when i heard it i wanted to know other songs by LP. so i became a fan

HAAAAAAA. The first time I heard them I was like 9 years old, in 2004. I was watching MTV when Chester, Mike and Jay appeared on the TV singing Numb/Encore. Since then I started watching MTV every time I could, and discovered who LP were. But my parents didn’t allow me, lol. They thought this music was going to damage me. They were not used to hear music like this, especially someone screaming like Chester.
But I continued. [cool][lol]

A friend of mine got Hybrid Theory as digital version. He gave it to me and I immediately fell in love with LP’s unique sound. That’s how I started listening to Linkin Park. (short, boring story, I know^^)

I heard LP 2001 the first time, my best friend came to my home, with the Hybrid Theory and we listen the CD together and I fell in love with Linkin Park

2001, my old sister brought a copy of HT at home made by a friend of the LPU at the time.
Initially I didn’t like it, but after I get used to listening to Crawling I started to listen the whole album.

I became a hardcore fan when I first heard/saw Somewhere I Belong on MTV :slight_smile: