What's your Favorite Linkin Park Song?


Mine is Papercut! LP’s songs are all awesome do…cx

What's your favorite linkin park's song
What is your favourite Songs? 🤘

Love all. Lately I’m crazy for “A Place For My Head”


lost in the echo because it had to grow on me


Very h[razz]ard to say but these days i’m addicted to Burn it down… [razz]


Don’t Stay !


That’s not an easy question.

Till “Living Things” being released my fave were, by far, Leave out all the rest, followed by Numb, Don’t Stay and Easier to Run. After “Living Things” I’m rethinking that list 'cause I really love Castle of Glass and I’ll be Gone.


I personally love every song they have ever mad, but my absolute favourite song of all time is waiting for the end, just because its such a beautiful and passionate song, and gives me a glimmer of hope when im feeling down :slight_smile:


Probably From The Inside or Runaway


“Castle of Glass” and “Waiting for the End” :slight_smile:


Somewhere I belong


Leave Out All The Rest, hands down. It just speaks to me, and hearing them play it live almost made me cry :stuck_out_tongue:


In The End


All of them are beautiful in their own way


one step closer.


“In Pieces”

It means a lot to me


shadow of the day =]


That’s a tough one. I’ll go with ‘Pushing Me Away’.


Either In Pieces or Lost in the Echo


Dont Stay


Papercut & Pushing me away