Whats going on with the pre-order $?

So… I just checked my bank account online and it says this:


That is in ADDITION… to a -21.90 and -25.13 .

I know the 21.90 is for the LPU Membership and the 25.13 is for the album pre-order… but what the hell is that random 19.67?

Also,… ive noticed that it has done it every month since April. The money goes in and out of my account…

I’m extremely confused… and slightly annoyed because im poor right now and I need those random 20 bucks that have now been taken out.


I would contact them directly (Warner Bros.) There should be some sort of customer service number to contact.

Ok… i’ll look it up.

Also… another -5.46 was taken out today.

I am not happy.