What's a Linkin Park gig like to you?

Well I half wanted people to just post how they feel before/during/after a Linkin Park concert, and I haven’t had the pleasure of going to one yet, so I’m half curious to know what it’s like :]

Get posting! ;D

Well, I just went to one with my brother but it was amazing. Before the concert I felt really excited and I couldn’t believe I was there. I mean, even in the second before the concert started, I thought that it was like a dream. When they came out on the stage I realized that it was pure reality so I started to cry.
The concert was awesome by itself. Maybe you loose the sense of time during it, or just don’t care, but I was wishing that never finished.
At the end, I was the happiest person ever, I felt tired many hours later. And I felt kinda sad too, it’s hard to say goodbye. I really wish you could go to one of their concerts, it’s really cool :slight_smile:

before my first LP gig I was really nervous…I waited that day many years and then I had only a few mintues to left. Then I heard that they started to play No More Sorrow intro but no one was on the stage. Then Joe appeared on the stage and everybody started to scream! Then one by one they walked on the stage and I thought that I’m going to die. I screamed and I yelled to my friend “Oh F***, LINKIN PARK IS ON THE STAGE, f***” etc;D It felt so incredible because then I noticed that LP member are really human beings :’) I have seen them only on Youtube videos or on TV and suddenly they were right in front of me :slight_smile:

After that gig I have seen LP four times but every time I’m going grazy when I see Linkin Park on the stage :slight_smile: That is the place you wanna stay forever.

It was simply amazing :slight_smile:
I was really excited especially just before the M&G!
The wait was just killing me^^
But it was worth it obviously :DD
Was one of the best nightes of my humble life :slight_smile:

I can’t find the right words to describe it really.
First gig is always special cause you finally get to see them live and that anxiousness, excitment you feel when they’re right in front of your eyes rocking out is simply amazing. Some people even cry! (myself included)
Second - third gig is like “Woooo, awesome! Let’s see 'em again” and all that. Still mixed feelings surrounding you.
BEST one (for me) is traveling to another country to JUST see them. It’s unbelievably beautiful. It feels so good to have done it. Like, you’ve travelled aaaaall this way just for them. Just to see them for 2 hours. It’s an incredible feeling.

Like everyone else is saying, it’s somethings incredibly special and awesome. You’re waiting forever to even get tickets (for whatever reason), and then you get them. Which means you WILL get to see them. Then you wait eagerly for the concert day to arrive. Then you wait to get in, which is a step closer to seeing them. Then you get in and find your seats and wait more. Then the opening bands comes on (that was just “eh” for me, since I didn’t like them and only cared about seeing Linkin Park anyway). But once that band leaves, and the stage goes dark, yet you can still see a little movement where you known the band will be emerging from. It’s like you’re going to burst. And then the stage lights up and they are there, and then everyone is standing and you do burst. It’s the best moment ever, seeing them, hearing their music in person. You realize your lungs have a much larger capacity than you thought, because it will never seem like you have to take a big breath. During the concert… the happiness and love from you and everyone else toward this band overflows. Afterward, it’s sad because you never want it to end, but happy because you just saw Linkin Park. It was the best night. Ever. For me, anyway.

My first lp concert was amazing from beginning to end. It had felt like I had drank about 12 energy drinks. but after my 5 show i started to get bored because i had felt like i had seen the same thing over again and again. Then I went to the Secret Show in LA and I felt like i was at my first show all over again and it was the best when mike went into the crowd and so did Chester. It felt like i went past the energy that i had during my first lp show when it was done.

I dont know how i can describe my feelings before i go to my first lp concert. It´was amazing. i wait years before i can go with my brother to my first lp concert, he is 8 years older. but when i get 12 we go to the concert together.

I had been a fan for about 4 years before I went to my first LP-concert (actually my very first concert). It was October 2010, I was at the venue at about 1PM and stood there almost freezing to death. I don’t like it when it’s cold, and about 5°C can be VERY cold when you’re standing in the same spot for hours.
My brother went to the concert as well, but he only managed to come at 6PM because of his work. So I was all alone the whole time. And even though I was quite shy back then I came in contact with some fellow fans, some of them were already playing LP on their cellphones and the whole atmosphere was very familiar and nice.

And the whole time I was thinking "OMG, I’M ABOUT TO SEE LP LIVE!!!"
I was soooo hyped.
When the venue finally opened the doors everyone just started running to get the best positions. The dynamic and energy was incredible (I’ve been to some other concerts by other bands now as well: NOBODY is as awesome as LP-fans!).
I managed to get a quite good position in the 3rd row.

Then the lights went out.

I immediately felt my heart beating twice as fast as usual, I felt goosebumps all over my body and when the first sound of The Requiem filled the hall I just started crying and screamed as loud as I never screamed before, just as everybody else around me. Everything felt so HUGE and great, and I was a part of it.

Then Joe entered the stage, the first time I ever saw a LP-member live, not just on screen etc. The feeling was just incredible.
Finally the other guys also came and started with Wretches and Kings. I screamed all the lyrics with tears in my face, I constantly held at least one hand up, I bounced, I lost my voice after the first couple of songs, even though I have quite a strong voice and the whole time it was just like a dream. I even caught a guitar pic from Chester and had eye contact once with Mike.

In the end I was completely exhausted, physically from all the bouncing (I do Karate and I know how really hard training feels - the gig felt exactly the same^^) and psychically because I was just so overwhelmed. I was like in a trance for several days, up to then it had been the best day of my entire and very happy life (I went to a Summit in 2011, thus that first concert is just the 2nd best day now^^).

Believe me: No matter how much you love LP now, if you ever go to a concert you’ll love them even more afterwards. YES, that’s possible :wink:

My first gig 2003 was the best i ever had. I was really nervous and couldn´t believe i see them live in few hours. I was 3 hours before doors open on a concert hall ( Docks Hamburg, Germany) and was standing in a first row. Hello…Thats never possible again. After concert we met them on a tourbus. THAT WAS A NICE GIG FOR ME! :slight_smile:
Sometimes i miss these little concerts. I was shocked when they came back 2007 and i saw thousend of fans in front of the Colorline Arena in Hamburg.I mean the feeling when i everybody sang shadow of the day was amazing but now its getting harder to come in a first line and its hard to stand till the end in the first line. XD In Hannover germany it was a cold January day and i was in front of the hall since 8 o clock in a morning to come in a first row and 3 songs before the concert ends i break down.

So the first concerts was nice or see them on festival with fresh air but its means for me in a concerthall just stress or take a seat.

my first LP gig was December 7 2010, i was nervous so i drank a lot of water, then i had to pee but had to wait until i got my ticket scanned so it took a while, i was sitting so i couldn’t see much also cause of the effects of the screen apart from a few head shots but the sound quality was perfect next time i wanna be in the pit :smiley:

It is just so great especially the meet and greet. After the M&G, I am already so hyped and the concert just make me even more excited. Really can’t wait for the next one. Go to one and you will feel it too:)

YES :slight_smile:
I totally agree with you there every word :slight_smile:

after the cioncert is before the concert xxD i cant wait outside but then you go in and think oh no a support band first xxD but if u have m and g u dont have to losten support and when lp concert starts thats the awesomest moment and after u think it was a dream