What is your favorite snack?

This is really random! but right now i think that my favorite snack is pretzels :slight_smile:

This really is random…but funny! :’) my favorite snack is salty peanuts (And I’m allergic to nuts) :smiley:


i like a lot of snacks, but my favorite is honey buns :3

haha, thats funny. For me i think it is Chocolate. Every Day when i go to work I have a bag with me with 3 or 4 boards of chocolate. So I´m a Chocoholic but i can deal with that xD (you believe I´m fat…no I´m thin)

hmmmm i wud say popcorn

PopCorn…and Brownies [mrgreen]

Popcorn is pretty high not to mention COOKIES :smiley:

Cupcakes and chocolate in general :slight_smile:

cooooooooooooooooooooooookies! :smiley:

Chocolate of course and popcorns and peanuts! :smiley:

It would haVE TO BE CHOCOLATE,except i have to fight my wife for it because she is a chocie fiend. How ripped off must it be to love slty nuts but be alergic hahahaha gotta love randomness [rolleyes]

I’m all in for mexican chips and dark chocolate! [heart]

Snickers Ice Cream Bar [biggrin] Unhealthy I know lol.

[quote=Anahi]Snickers Ice Cream Bar [biggrin] Unhealthy I know lol.

well I think everything is unhealthy ;D

[quote=Anahi]Snickers Ice Cream Bar [biggrin] Unhealthy I know lol.

The Duplo fake from Aldi taste great [biggrin]

When I was in school I would come home every day to Oreo’s. So I must say Oreo’s are my favorite snack :D.

Ramen and Soba!!! Together with some Calpico Mango Lemonade

snickers, Fanta and popcorn

I don’t eat snacks so much because of my stomach… But I enjoy Kit-Kat. I think I’ve tasted a lot of kinds of it :smiley: