What Is Your Best Memory of 2011?


[quote=Purnama][quote=Bie]You know mine babe… [lol]
ok, let’s see…

  1. Joining LPUX.
  2. First LP Concert.
  3. The Meet&Greet of course :slight_smile:
  4. Meeting u, Ajeng,Nanda,Dee and all the LPU_id fam. (but especially my labile poopies)
  5. 2011 is my last year in collage!!

That’s my top 5 moments… well I had a lot of fun in 2011… Hope to get more in 2012!![/quote]

Best ever! [heart][/quote]

lol I spelled college wrong… it’s college everyone not collage ,silly me… [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


the hamburg summit [heart] and the whole roundtrip i’ve done to see LP [heart]


All I can think of is the epic conversations I’ve had this year… Like the Muppet conversation I had with my sister. Or the really serious one about iguana’s with my friend, or when I was trying to explain to her what a premature baby was… Or when my cousin who I hadn’t seen in two years called me for my birthday.




Concert and meet&greet is my best memory of this year! :)[/quote]

I saw you there! :wink:


Sweet party yesterday :smiley:


2011 was just a great year all around.

-Met Linkin Park at my 5th LP show overall
-The two other concerts I saw this year (last one being The Big 4)
-Saw two Yankee games
-Got a couple tattoos

And I started off 2012 on the wrong foot by getting sick -_-


Off the top of my head Its rejoining the LPU after a break of 4 years! I was a member from LPU4 to LPU7 but because of school and money issues I had to to take a break. Rejoining this wonderful fan cub and what in my opinion is a second family was a big moment for me in 2011 :).


Completing my education and graduating college
Volunteering for environmental causes and disaster relief
Attending an early screening of Pixar’s La Luna in NYC


it has to be the LPU summit in Hamburg! And i was looking for a job for a while, but i was too lazy. And when i heard about they were coming back to Europe again and the summit, i actually had a goal in mind why i would work, and that was seeying them. So i didnt only see them live, they motivated me to get off my ass and earn some money!


my best memories are the lp concert at june the 21 and the rise against concert at august 13. =)


Not too sure…last year was sort of a flop. Nothing really good happened. Kinda glad 2012 is here.


LPU Summit in Chicago :slight_smile:
LP show in Moscow.


2011, last year in the university :), in which i spent about 10 years in it, failing + changed the major, pffff it was hard, but i did it :).
other than that, i can say im happy coz all ppl i love they are alive, and still in good health including my self.
Thanks god for everything.


[quote=cincybmxlpfreak]MEETING LINKIN PARK!!! :smiley:


Year 2011 was amazing! Many awesome things happened to me: I graduated from college, got a very good job, I joined LPU and finally I saw LP live!! Even though I didn’t get a M&G (I joined after the show,) it was sooo awesome! A dream came true because I never even dared to dream to see them play live 'cause I live middle of nowhere and distances are so long. But anyway it was awesome!!! [biggrin][biggrin]


Seeing LP in February was definitely up there. I also got to make a lot of new friends.


BEST MEMORY OF LIKE… EVER - June, 23rd in Moscow. Still remember the show like it was yesterday eventhough I haven’t even been there on Red Square that day LOL. This was the moment I felt being such a fan I am may really be not healthy, but I also felt I was totally OK with that. [mrgreen]
Oh and I spent a very nice month in Turkey in summer.
And I moved to another city, but still can’t decide if that’s a good or bad memory lol because I miss my home city :frowning:


the LPconcert in munich in june 2011 :smiley: it was the first time in the first row and ive got robs drumstick:D


Haha yes that concert sure was epic! :slight_smile: