What is your 2018 Song?

On Facebook I saw Spotify ask users to boil down their 2018 to just one song. Thought it’d be interesting to hear your answers. It doesn’t have to the song you listened to the most, but instead a song you heard for the first time or changed its meaning to you this year. Or whatever, it’s up to you guys. You may explain if you’d like or refrain.
Let’s do it a little differently, though: since we are on an LP forum, you can have two different songs. a) One LP-related song and b) one non-related.
Mine would be:
a) Over Again. Because it’s true, I keep saying goodbye to Chester, to the band as I knew and enjoyed it before all this happened; I keep thinking the same stuff over and over again, and I keep being disappointed that nothing seems to change.
b) Born For Greatest by Papa Roach. This one helped me regain the joy in music which wasn’t LP-related and made me excited for my trip to Reading Festival, which in turn got me really interested in concerts in general again. Since then I’ve been to a Bring Me The Horizon concert and discovered quite a few nice artists in different genres, and I have plans to rock on to loads of concerts next year.
Cheers guys.


Parkway Drive - Wishing wells

I’ve had a lot of stuff to piss me off this year, made me feel like I could slay gods. (And yes, I know the song is actually about loss).


Jason Mraz : Have it all - and ofc PT - complete album

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Dang, we can only choose two? Hard choice.

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One More Light - Linkin Park.

Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden.

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I was thinking of this

I would say Until It’s Gone because this song has more meaning now. Not that i wasn’t aware of what we had but now i understand how precious he was since Chester passed away.
And other one is Disturbed - A Reason To Fight

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Difficult to boil the year down to only one song, but if I had to pick I’d say The Long Defeat by Thrice. I’ve been listening to this band throughout the entire year and saw them live on my birthday. The message of this song really resonates with me, because it tells you there’s always a reason to keep fighting. Even when everything seems lost.

Holding It Together - Mike Shinoda for me

Erm if we are talking just 2018 songs hmmm I couldn’t really pin-point a song

I would say

Mike Shinoda - Nothing makes sense anymore, over again, ghosts and running from my shadow

Don Broco - Stay ignorant, Everbody

but if I had to pick just one, I’d say ‘over again’

Lift off - Mike Shinoda and
Drive - Incubus

I would have to think awhile about this

Now we are talking about songs that come out in 2018 for your song of 2018
Or can it be form. Another year but was your song for 2018

But one has to be
Not Dead Yet Ledger

That’s a hard question… I don’t really have ONE song of the Year, but in exchange a couple of Songs. What I definitely have to mention is “Over Again” from “Mike Shinoda” (maybe the song of 2018 for me). “My Medication” and “Break the Fall” from “Papa Roach” was also very sick, however, the Album (which in my opinion is an amazing great Album and their best until now) came out in 2017, but I listened it this year. The song “Mantra” from “Bring Me The Horizon” also flashed me really hard, and I’m into it for the new Album next year. “Black Rover” from “Vickeblanka” was form me the best Anime Song, it just rocks me! :smiley:
So yeah, these are my top 5 at the moment!

(Worth to mention: “ANTI-SOCIAL” from “While She Sleeps”; “Stand Out Fit In” from “One Ok Rock”; “Choose Me” from “BAND-MAID”
The first 2 Songs are recently new, so it’s hard to say that their my Song of 2018, but I’m in love with both Songs. The third one, is from 2017, but I found the Band just a couple weeks ago, and the Sound just amazed me at the first listening! So I think I’m a new fan of them? :smiley:

Also, without doubt, my Song of 2017 was “One More Light” from “Linkin Park” and closed followed from “Sharp Edges”)

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Linkin Park’s “One More Light” followed my throughout 2018 and Mike Shinoda’s “Promises I Can’t Keep” was my 2018.


“Promises I Can’t Keep” is my second favorite of the album! :smiley:

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  1. Watching As I Fall - Mike Shinoda,
  2. It’s a hard choice but mine is Attention Attention by Shinedown. I saw them last month and they were awesome. Ghosts Rats claims the spot now

(Honourable mentions are Waking Lions by Pop Evil, When Legends Rise by Godsmack, The Doomed - A Perfect Circle)

Edit - I adding From Ashes To New - The Future the whole album

2nd edit - look above

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:heart_eyes: you made my day with have it all :heart_eyes::joy:

For me…the moment I heard mike singing ghosts at concert-really put old ghosts to rest finally I think… plus the fun times with it
so ghosts for LP related…

In general… :thinking:
Heartstrings-kolohe kai

Honorable mentions:
Know-Jasón mraz full álbum
Runaway-passenger full album
Today’s a new day-common Kings


I think ghost by Mike shinoda is one for me too

Woah, dude, we’re almost in an identical situation. I hadn’t heard Papa Roach’s album until this year, and My Medication is my favorite from the album. Born For Greatness and Periscope coming up real close, though. In general it’s a seriously great album!
And yes, Mantra is just blasting through the headphones still!
And the guys I drove with to the BMTH concert showed me Anti-Social, which I found fairly cool aswell!
Interestingly enough, though, it seems that I am slowly heading back to my EDM roots again. Hmmm.

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Jopp, it’s really a great album, and I’m also waiting for the upcoming Album. The first 2 Songs are also very good. And the musicvideo is really entertaining! :smiley:

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