What is you biggest regret in life


Why you said this…? :anguished: I care for you…like me many others… you’re really nice! :sparkling_heart:


And I’m so f****** happy it won’t be now and I hope this day will never come, and anyway I’ll always be in your way when you think about this.
I’ll DEFINITLY miss you and notice your absence, and I’ve only known you for two month now.
I don’t know you in real life but if you’re fun online then you can’t be boring IRL.

You know your past, but you don’t your future. Give the future a try, because you’re not alone, and we’re here to help&to care for you, even if you think you don’t deserve it, even in the darkest days :handshake:


It’s really difficult to hear that particularly considering I think a lot of us here would get along very well in real life
We might be different but I see similarities and think since we understand certain things about each other we would be easygoing with one another
Trust me I’m not one to look out social activities but finding y’all and having met pat and Jordan and everyone else it felt different and easier to be with
That’s why I’m saying it sucks to hear that you think there aren’t people that like you or miss you, maybe people don’t say it as often as they should but you are cared for and missed and I refuse to believe that doesn’t happen in person as well
I’m boring and laid back in person too I get that feeling but that COULD serve as fuel for you to make an impact on someone else’s life, to make sure you ARE missed


Or that’s the determination to stay alive winning over.

Umm…hello, I’ve met you in person twice; you’re lying through your teeth here. I’m pretty sure the rest of us who have met you will concur.

Then what about Pat asking me earlier today why you haven’t been on the chat in a couple of days?

That’s the exact opposite of courage; courage is to soldier on and overcome this.


I;m not following chat recently. i have nothing nice to say or interesting and i can’t find myself there now. so i am usually opening it every now and then scroll til the next message without reading it and closing it until i get another bit of messages. so i have no idea who what when and where. I just can’t go there and ruin people’s moods as i am currently not able to pretend that i am happy. it is different on the forum with people i know only on the forum and people on whatsapp. even at work i am miserable and yesterday was very hard day for me because of work stuff adding to my bad mood. i was so upset that my neighbour called me when i was away to check if “i didn’t throw myself under a bus” as he put it.
and i really don’t want to talk about it. but it must be bad since i am opening so much without a drop of alcohol. i am usually talkative after booze, but not this time.
just forget what i said and move on. i just wanted to say something on the topic and i guess this is my regret now. big mouth


Stay the fuck away from the alcohol, otherwise you know exactly what happens.

No. You can’t just drop something like that and expect everyone to forget.


@rorybourdon what is wrong what going on are u okay. You know you have a lot of lp family that cares for u. So please tell us what on your mind. I’m here for u and I will listen to what u have to say. I’ll be here when u need me . Just let us help u

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i have been drinking for the past week. i just ran out of money. and it wasn’t much, just a glass or half of cider. so basically apple juice.
well i am moving on now.


:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Why? What happened to saving up?


We had a nice talk yesterday about coping with grief&listening to LP !
You’re not ruining people mood. I’m always looking forward to your posts.
If you don’t wanna talk about it right now, we’re not going to push you, but sometimes we need to take things out of our chest. And if you don’t want to talk to someone about it (which is 100% understandable), you can try to write it. Or to express it through drawing/painting/singing/wrinting poems or lyrics. You can try to express it by taking pictures. (Even if you’re really bad at it, nobody’s gonna judge you).
You can also just imagine someone in your head and talk to him/her. Someone you like. Or just invent this person. Tell him/her what’s going on. And say it aloud.
Let yourself say what’s wrong, even if it’s just to someone in your head. Then you’ll be ready to tell it to a real person.
(And that doesn’t make you crazy unless you can’t tell if this person is real or not).


You’re not ruin the moods! We just would want to see you calm and happy!

Also you don’t need acohol! When you feel sad, just say it and we’ll try to help you in some way… we’re here anytime!


well i bought few concert tickets plus my wages for last month were shit. so paying up my friend 250 pounds, buying some presents for christmas, booze, few concert tickets left me with 50 pounds for the rest of the month. so i have to borrow money


I basically said what i wanted to say. there is nothing more to say besides going into small details. the thing is simple, i want to die. nothing else. and nobody can change my mind about it. nobody.


A few concert tickets? That’s not exactly wise in your situation. Spending habits are something you will have to control. Start saving up to reach your goal for another NZ holiday or better.


How about seeing a psichologist?seriously…a doctor whom you can talk to without fears or being ashamed…


Well I will start from the next paycheck. As it will be new year, new me. whatever. i will save up. I have holidays coming up so I need the money. so yes, i will do that.

@lpfan61 i went to the doctor, they said urgent referral, that was almost two weeks ago, to be honest i don’t want them to do anything. i regret going there. you see? another regret. jeez, my life really is that bad.


At first you can hate them, but don’t give up so easily! Try to go for a while, then you can clearly decide what’s better for you… with only one time you can’t understand if they’re good and they can’t do nothing for you like this… try…please…what can happen of more bad than now? Please…


no promises. i am going to the doctor on thursday anyway. and come on, i am totally blowing things out of proportions. i am fine and i will be fine.


No, you so clearly aren’t

Good, the doc can help you.

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So glad and so proud of you!! :muscle:

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