What is the meaning of the song "Final Masquerade"?

“Cuz I don’t have a reason, and you don’t have the time”
I never understood that part…

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Well, as I understand it, that line basically means that a person doesn’t have time to explain something/everything to someone who doesn’t care about the situation.

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This video is packed with symbols and i’d suggest a careful examination of each one to feel the message it is trying to get through behind the words.

a Masquerade looks like self explanatory but in a masquerade everyone is wearing a mask.
Isn’t that how it is out there today?
who is 100% real?
The ancient Greek word for an actor is a hypocrite.
so a hypocrite is he who pretends a different role than the real self they have.
but why “final” ?

Concerning the confusing line, my understanding of it is this :
If an empath loves a narcissist, which is a well known scenario in psychiatry, as the two edges of the wings of a butterfly are destined to meet, the empath will rarely find a good reason to return where he/she is getting hurt (slaughtered really) as the narcissist will never make it clear but play games,
while the narcissist, too busy with their self-loathing careers and schedules, don’t have time to spare on emotions.
Empaths = care for others more than for themselves and believe they can fix narcissists for they see behind their selection of masks.
Narcissit = No need to define that, just look around!

Narcissism is the theme today, but I think the key to understanding the deeper message of this song is written on the walls!

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“Cause I don’t have a reason and you don’t have the time. We both keep on waiting for something we won’t find”

The specific line youre referring to is saying that Chester doesn’t have a reason to wait anymore, what he was waiting for is gone and the person he’s singing to doesn’t have the time for what they were waiting for.

This, I believe, is confirmed in the following line. Chester states that “We both keep on waiting for something we won’t find”. As he has no reason and the subject hasnt got the time they won’t find the something.


As you can see everyone of us has a different explanation. Linkin Park never really wanted to put a canonical meaning, they preferred make listeners give the meaning they felt they related to, so in this way the song becomes part of the personal experiences of everyone of us. If you want anyway an objective thought I suggest you to visit Genius.


This. I’ve been thinking about the symbolism in the video forever. Especially about the writing on the walls like ‘‘The end is near’’ and ‘‘Beware of shape shifters’’. Regardless, I found a great interpretation on the LP Association forums, scroll down to the last reply:


@rickvanmeijel I think that discussion is focused only on the apparent symbolism.
I believe there are a couple of keys that once correctly interpreted the video changes and takes a new meaning!

In the worldview that i hold, there is no symbol in this video that is not explained
but i’ve been asked to not share that view…
But i didn’t have that worldview myself… i just loved Chester enough to understand what my big brother tried to tell me!

plus, the truth usually derives from within us, as we conclude to it, not when someone tells us about it.

So, using Socrates rhetoric which is called “nursing” as it only asks the questions allowing the birth of realization to arrive from the other party, without having to be “tutored” into it

here’s my two cents (questions)

To go from logic to faith, would you say one can walk?
or is it a jump?
what are the two images flashing when Chester jumps (perhaps calling us to do the same)?
ever tried to slo-mo them?
What does it mean when you draw a circle and a line inside it and something behind it?
does it mean “forbidden here” or “no” as in “no-smoking” ?
there is a very distinct writing on the staircase where a man and a woman walks naked resembling a well known couple.
According to that word on the staircase, aliens are not forbidden.
they are non-existent, as their real name is something harder to swallow.
If they are… a deception… what’s the other word for that?
a final one then?
shouldn’t we be very very worried about this?
Does the phrase “the end is near” tell us that we have all the time in the world to stall?
just asking…

on the part where that guy jumps off, i don’t see it as suicide but as an attempt to escape “the others” who prefer to stay where the crowd is.
As REM said : “I flail like the antelope who jumped off the building”

taking my brother’s advice, i took the jump and i owe him big time!
I want this community to remember who led me to the truth with his symbols!
it matters greatly to me…

They said i shouldn’t share home made LP-related videos in here…
F that!
For Chester!

Those not liking my shares have every right to do so but should keep in mind that,
“Part of me thinking that even addressing is being too generous” anyway!


You mean at 3:05?

As for your other points, you’d have to add time stamps to specify when they appear on screen.

nnno i already did more than i had to :slight_smile:
three symbols then a jump!


You have to be watching stuff frame by frame :skull: lol

i’m a video editor @framos1792 so i’m forced to do that :sweat_smile:
and a 95% Perceiver according to the MBTI with a 100% iNtuition so it’d be hard to miss an image even in double speed because i live in slo-mo! :sunglasses:
i hope people start appreciating how slim were the chances for them to be hearing the above so instead of doing those baby fights we’ve witnessed, they’d learn to appreciate free gifts! (free as “no money never asked”, nor likes, nor comments) and start coming aboard.
war is war and friends matter much in one!
this response will self destruct soon!:ghost:

Lol before we go over a cliff, I do want to give credit where it’s due bro…
thanks for being there for claritiea
You were able to connect in a way no one else did, y’all speak the same langauge it seems and goes to show we all play a role in here whether we like it or not :upside_down_face:
We don’t all have to agree or disagree but it’s a silver lining to see there’s someone for everyone to connect with and I felt I should appreciate that from you

I speak face value here by the way :upside_down_face::joy:
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OT edit:
A lone newborn baby is a symbol hard to miss ain’t it?

Have a great August LPU! :sparkling_heart:

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