What is the main reason you love Linkin Park?

Hi there, I wonder what you guys think is the best thing about Linkin Park…

For me it’s:

  1. their music (obviously :nerd_face:) and talent
  2. they are all decent people
  3. they have such a great fan base (and they really appreciate it :pray:)
  4. they are not afraid to sing about their own issues
  5. they don’t make music just for money but mostly because they love it
  6. they are not just another band - they are unique people playing unique music

That’s why Linkin Park is my favorite band since I could remember :heart::heart::heart:


I can relate to their music it just speak s to me and it saved my life more times then I can even count and really can retae to Somewhere I belong and Just love their music or is just so powerful and something worth mentioning is they are the reseaon I an a songwriter


There music touch my life they mean so much to me and when I’m going through something it always seem that there music is there to let me know everything is going to be okay. And having chester voice keeps me clam. My love for linkin park and chester will never die. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Oh, you’re good!
They are an inspiration for many people :heart_eyes:

No it won’t :heart:

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I don’t know what i really like, this is a good question that i never ask me…ehm i think music cause when they create albums they insert all their feelings and however during their creation they have fun. Second i follow them for their music videos most of all Hybrid Theory & Meteora’s videos

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:grin: yes, it just popped into my mind today… I’ve never asked it, too…

Nicely said :ok_hand:

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I wrote that phrase thinking of the Carpool Karaoke and what Chester said about his daughter and how much is/was important music for him

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I love the music and I love them :grin:

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