What happened to LPST?

Hey there. I remember long time ago when I first joined the LPU, the LPST was a closed group which you should be invited to join and I always wanted to be part of it. Then one day, around 2007, LPST opened its doors to everyone and there’s some promoting contests and stuff, it was cool, but it ended up that I left the LPU and everything related to LP aside.
Now that I am back it got me thinking about the ST.


Yeah man! I really wanna know that too. I miss LPST. They stoped to update the website but the members were still using. The time passed and nothing happened and now nobody promotes anything. If someone knows what happend I want to know what happened.

LPST 4ever! hahaha

You both want to know what happened or want to get in again? LPST is still here lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Check here

Apply here

[quote=michalangelo]You both want to know what happened or want to get in again? LPST is still here lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Check here

Apply here[/quote]

I know man. What I’m talking about is that it’s not like old days. I think that LP forget the LPST.

It’s still like old days! search “LP Street Soldiers” on facebook guys, it’s a closed group, it you get accepted they post missions there all the time.


This one? Good to know

nice to hear they still have some missions! i thought it had been forgotten.
thanks for the information!

there’s less than a thousand members in the facebook group, i’ll probably never get to the ST again lol that’s bad

I wonder, why there is no information available about LPST at linkinpark.com and not even here at LPUnderground. I mean, hey, we are the fanclub. Shouldn’t most infos about LP are findable here?

But there’s no link here and no infos about LPST and for me that means, that too many soldiers are undesired. In the past, the LPST work was very helpful. But now, while LP became such popular, the soldiers are superfluous and like a millstone around the neck. Times are changing.

Yeah it’s still there, most active on Facebook though… But I get you, I miss those contests, points, rankings and especially the points auctions…[smile]

Hey I miss the old days too!

The LPST was the shizznezzz… And it created such a community!

Really miss it

Look up “LP Street Soldiers” on Facebook. It still very much alive:))

Tempus fugit.

One would think…