What did I miss

Aw :3 wanna join my bunny army? :3

naah, im like chuck norris, not an army type, not good with authority, but you can always count on me when there is evil(or just someone annoying) to destory :smiley:

Hmm, at one time I was told I was he chuck Norris of he lpu or something like that :3 if only you could hear stories :B

can’t be both be chuck norris?

Maybe… We can have a duel, a fight to the death. But first, have a cookie :3
(gives cookie) (nibbles) :3

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takes a cookie as well

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You can take my husband, mabye my mother but never my cookie!

Holy poopie…your a girl D;

Wow… @TripleXero is a girl too :3

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Nope, according to you he’s someone from Puddle of Mudd

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Silence turkey face!

This thread is my favorite.


No you.

Damn you ten characters

Bad bunny, calling names is not nice!

Unless it comes from me :stuck_out_tongue: