What did I miss

Aw @EvoOba :3 (gives a thousand gummy worms and bears)

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yes and new members mb don´t like this? And that must be accepted also, if you´re fine with it, and all the other “old LPUér” thats fine with me, but for a lot of us NEW[???LOL] it´s just annoying. And the action comes from here side, we (some of us new) are putting our meaning against such a kiddy and imo dumb action in our forums, mb we need a category “childrens garden” lol:joy::grin::sunglasses:

Somehow, I didn’t think that was possible.


@intheend Those sound fantastic to have at 8:30 in the morning XD

@The_early_walker Definitely, as there are a lot of “annoying” things happening or being posted in the forums. You can always just ignore it all and move on though.

thanks eva, so I will, lol bye cya ev @everybody

@EvoOba @LP13413 @The_early_walker remember guys I’m only 7 :3

And Andies it’s true more evilererer

If you’re this evil now, and you’re (still) only 7, I’m even more afraid of how much eviler you’ll become if and when you get older.

I stay 7 always. After my long deep undercover mission I have practice the art of evilness :3

Isn’t it called a sfork? I know what it is I just thought it was called a sfork not a spork.[quote=“intheend, post:26, topic:12756”]
remember guys I’m only 7

I thought you had to look after kids before (you mentioned something a long the lines a few months ago). Who in their right mind would let a 7 year old watch their kids?

Yeah, I also mention I’m not human :3 i’m a bunny Martian

And yet you own 2 dogs if I recall correctly and you have a cat avatar.

So, what’s your point dr. phil? :3

Your continuity errors are going to fry my CPU.

No errors, what’s a cpu?

I’m not sure if you’re playing along or if you actually don’t know what a CPU is, but in case you don’t it stands for Central Processing Unit. Basically the main part of a computer.

Yeah never heard of that

what is a ‘‘bunny matrian’’ if i may ask? like a ninja with long ears?

She is more a bunny alien from mars :wink:

(snaps @Susannchen neck)

Well @Spelling_Mistake I am kind of like a ninja :3 thank you. vampire bunny, ninja bunny anything would be good. But know I am nice and a friendly person :3

snaps a neck and says that they are a friendly person :smiley: nice, my kind of crazy