What Are Your Top 5 Songs from MTM/ Minutes to Midnight?

Minutes to Midnight, is the band’s third album and honestly my favorite album from them. What are your top 5, favorite songs from the album and why are they your favorites? I’ll list mine, because of how much I love the album.

  1. The Little Things Give You Away: A awesome ending track, and I enjoy every second of it. From the guitar solo, to the epic conclusion, as well as the great intro. It’s melodic, yet enticing to me.
  2. Leave Out All The Rest: My favorite single from the album, it has lots of emotional yet powerful lines. As well as, some of Chester’s best vocals that he ever sung.
  3. Shadow Of the Day: Similar to my reasoning, for LOATR and it’s a nice ballad. Despite it being about politics, it manages to deliver a good message about it.
  4. Valentine’s Day: I think, that this is a album highlight. It’s very underrated, and a solid masterpiece well in my opinion at least.
  5. In Between: It’s rare, to have a Linkin Park song where Mike does lead vocals. This, and No Roads Left show how much of a capable singer he is. I personally like the lyrics, and message as well.

Hi and welcome. We already have a top 5 song somewhere. I don’t want to sound rude, I just try to keep clean the forum.

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