What are your favorite LP songs?

Runaway, Lying From You and Papercut are my favs.

Hey cool, you’re new here that’s cool I read and I knew that the moment I saw this. A thing about the forums, I am the evil vamp who pokes at people.

Hi, I’m intheend.

Before you get anyone to comment, I wanted to get to you first.

There is already a post about this and it’s a live and well.

New people are quick to create a post without searching for it first. You can come in and make your self a home but please make sure you look around first.

So yeah. You can guess what my favorite song is. But I hope you will change this post into something else if you wanna start a conversation starter.



We already have this theard

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@linkinparkfan23 I also see your new so welcome the LPU


Heyo! Welcome to the LP Family! I’m Maria Laura, so nice to meet you. :two_hearts: You already know the thread thing since it has already been explained, don’t worry about it sometimes it happens, just be more careful. I just wanted to introduce you to this place: if you have already been in contact with the Family, you know they are the sweetest, well, here even more! Welcome :heart:

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Oh gosh… no doubt a fight between Papercut and Lying from you…

I’ll always love ppc but I have to go with lfy

Same, I’d choose Lying From You too

It changes. Now I’m into the bunch of unreleased demos:
Across the Line
What We Don’t Know
Pretend to Be
Qwerty out

(somewhere at the back of my head I always have… Try to take the Best of me Go Away escalating from whisper to scream)

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What We Don’t Know is my favorite, even if I like all songs it digs into my soul like no others

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It’s been awhile since I listen to the demos. I still have to listen to the ones from lpu13 to now. But right now my favorite three right now is fuse, part of me, and pale.

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The messenger, Numb, In the end, Shadow of the day

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Crawling, Points of Authority, Figure 09, With you, Roads Untraveled, The Requiem…
List goes on and on

Hello from the future


I think the best Song from LP is “Pale”

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Mine are A place for my head, Nobodies listening, Given up, and Roads untraveled.