What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Getting ready for for work…only 2 more days of work then I’m off to Prague and no work til next Thursday!


Sending you strength @birdy1989 I hope your night was/is good and that today will be great in every way. :hugs:

OT: getting ready for work, it’s almost the weekend! :grin:

Have a good day all :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Good morning family geting up geting ready for my 2nd job to see if i llike it or not


I twisted my ankle I’m better now thanks :wink:

Bruises are showing… it’s a good sign :stuck_out_tongue: one thing is weird, I’ve never have bruise on underside of my foot :joy::alien:

Replanting my avocados


Thank you @Lilyope :blush: was in crisis this morning, but I’m doing a lot better now! :muscle:t2: feeling pretty good :smile:
@anngelenee hope your ankle heals quickly :kissing_heart: your avocado plant is huge! :joy:

OT: eating Tiroler Gröstl in a restaurant on the slopes. The best one I ever ate :heart_eyes:


I just found it out in my mailbox yeaaaah :grin: I’m going to read it!


Enjoying my afternoon coffee at home. I’m off tomorrow, going out shopping for special gifts for next week.

Glad everyone is doing alright and healing :slight_smile:


Just got off my lunch break, Slipped and fell on the Ice this morning so I’m a bit sore today, :sweat_smile:

I will second this

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Under a tornado warning so in the basement right now

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My phone just dead but on school I pad 74 charge

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I just got off work, and feasting on part of my sister’s leftover birthday ice cream cake.

Tonight was opening night of the high school’s musical. This year they’re performing Cinderella (it’s an updated version from the original), and I guess it went pretty well…Aside from the fire alarm going off about an hour into the show, but we took care of that.


Good morning guys, weekend ahead, whatever you do, wherever you are, the family has your back- you never walk alone.

@evooba have fun and good shopping success :tada:

@StephLP18 stay strong- we had tornado warning yesterday too… :yellow_heart::hugs::hugs:

@justinkilmer and @birdy1989 sending you patience and you’ll be good soon

@Lilyope enjoy :tada::tada: and have fun in Amsterdam :tada::tada:

I would rather be in Amsterdam than at the Munich show, but this is moaning on a high level… happy to see him on Monday :heart:- and since we had tornado warning yesterday and I was too afraid to drive, I’m going to get the new phone today finally :tada::tada:

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone: & :sweat_drops:

@LP13413 enjoy :yum: and god bless it was just an alarm and not a fire :sweat_smile:… good job and have a good goodnight then :crescent_moon:


@theearlywalker thank you once again :pray:t2: :heart:

@StephLP18 everything okay after the tornado warning?

@justinkilmer hope you feel less sore soon :kissing_heart:

@LP13413 I agree, best that there wasn’t a real fire :yum: hope the left over cake tasted great :cake:

OT: starting to feel nervous for the Amsterdam show next week :see_no_evil: thinking about going there by myself is the issue right now. But I really want to go early cause my friend has to work till 5…
Going to get dressed and get ready for breakfast. We can’t ski today due to a lot of snow falling down.


Wow stay safe over there!

In Germany?? Isn’t that unusual?

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Been up since about 7ish, the neighbours have workers over redoing their fence that fell the other day from the strong winds. It’s been pretty loud :confused:

Will get ready and head out soon.
@theearlywalker hope you get the phone today!
@birdy1989 don’t stress too much, you’re there, gonna be fine. I’m already dying thinking of the trip :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it is, it was near Aken!

@evooba you’re probably right :see_no_evil: thanks


got mine till saturday and it’s awesome

I’m still sick, but today it’s ‘Mr Hahn’s’ birthday so… just celebrate it with some ‘session’ and ‘cure for the itch’ :metal:t2::rofl::star_struck::yum:


Got what we needed for Amsterdam! Did a bit of record shopping as well (I managed to not buy anything, yay!) and now enjoying coffee


I feel like a cup of coffee is an excellent reward!

@birdy1989 & @theearlywalker - Thanks! I’m hoping i’ll be better soon, it’s a real pain in the ass (Pun intended - I fell on my ass pretty much :joy:) to get in and out of my work chair lol

@StephLP18 & @theearlywalker (again haha) hoping you guys are safe from the tornado!

OT: I just got to work with coffee in my hand ready to face the day!


Looking for a new place to live