What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Ok. Is there any fracture? Probably not if they make you wait till tomorrow

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Fortunately not, only twisting. Probably after consultation doctor will decide that I have to wear cast or ankle brace.Thanks for care anyway :slight_smile:


So nice (sorry I only respond now !) :hugs:

As always Mike was incredible, so nice, I wanted to hug him like the entire show and I was losing my voice each times he sang. He played Numb and there my heart was a mixt of so many things I just wanted to cry but I needed to sing with all the others !!! (well, I think I cried anyway :joy:)
Big surprise, French people were clearly high to give good vibes ! (I didn’t expect that) And I will never be fed up about how LP soldiers are amazingly nice with each others.

One of the best day of my 2018 year was the 24th of August, I really think that the day of yesterday is gonna be one of the best of 2019. No doubts.
It was so cool to see you again @Lilyope and to meet others while waiting :star_struck:

PS : Sorry for being absent sometimes, doesn’t mean I’m not here ! :sunflower:
Have a great time for the next shows, @evooba ! (and the others I may not know too ! :stuck_out_tongue: )

About the topic : rn I’m thinking about how much I need a unicorn hat as well as a multicolor ring, no jokes.


You’re crazy! :joy::grin: You could send a picture to Anna then, just for saying her that you two could launch a new trend together if she wear the object of Mike. :joy:

It was good to see you too! :blush: Your hapiness is always rubbing off on people, that’s great. :grin:

OT: Watching TV


Talking to my dad

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I’m home.

I have so many feelings and so many things to say about tonight. I’ll just start off by thanking @the_termin8r because he’s been an absolute rockstar today.

To everyone else, thanks for coming and/or checking in with us.

I need to sleep (back to work tomorrow) and get my emotions on track! but I promise I will write up a nice recap (with photos) from the show.


Home after the gig…shattered but wide awake at the same time! Mike was amazing best show ever!


Watching footage from Mike’s show in London. I can only imagine how you guys must’ve felt when Mike brought out Eg White.


Good morning hypers… it’s like getting an energy kick positive kind checking this thread - absolutely awesome :heart: And Mike is the charger :heart_eyes: I’m so thankful- only 7 days to go, then I’ll get my dose :joy: :dizzy::tada::tada: with this being said I wish you all a great week soldiers :muscle:t3::yellow_heart::sunny:

@anngelenee keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3: :hugs:, sending strength :muscle:t3:

@evooba so happy for you guys :tada::grin::yellow_heart:and waiting for the post … R for rockstar :tada::tada::tada:

@Lilyope and @callmeanne so happy for you - Paris show must have been absolutely great :tada::tada: from what I saw

Stay strong @birdy1989 :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::hugs:

… and last but not least: good goodnight Andy :crescent_moon: @LP13413

Ot: :shower:


Omg, it sounds amazing! So glad you guys had fun :smile::smile:
@evooba @the_termin8r @alz89 I’m happy you had an awesome night :heart:

@theearlywalker thank you :pray:t2:

Hope you all have a good day :kissing_heart:


Preparing for two interviews this week


After a fantastic Mike Shinoda PT Tour in Germany, I have to ‘chill and regenerate’ cause I got sick :cold_sweat::sob:


No worries. :slight_smile:

*Rock, I was frozen solid. :joy:


@LP13413 When he said he had a guest tonight, everyone thought it’d be Jon Greene cause we heard them sound check Nobody Can Save Me. But no! Everyone in the house was emotional, Mike chocked the last bits and took this massive breath when he finished the song, like a burden had been lifted off his chest. The love and gratitude in his eyes were everything! Honestly, I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s so brave! I’m sure Chester could hear us chanting his name, it was a beautiful moment.

OT: I’m pretty sick today, my cold got worse and my voice is gone. No regrets though, I’d do it all over again. Will try and take it slow this week, need to be better for the next shows.


@evooba I hope you feel better soon sending you lots of love and strength


Glad everyone had a special night who went to last night’s show. I chocked up watch videos. Mike definitely brave for singing OML live again.
@anngelenee I hope you ankle heals quickly!
@birdy1989 stay strong.

On topic: going to have dinner, probably going to watch last night’s the walking dead. Hope everyone had a good start to the week!


Unwinding after a long day at work.


@HakManLP @evooba take it easy, hope you feel better soon :kissing_heart:

@evooba I think it’s wonderful they did that! I remember I couldn’t listen to leave out all the rest, one more light and songs like that after Chester passed away. I had to force myself to listen to them at some point, cause the songs are to beautiful. It would be a waist to never listen to them ever again. I can only imagine how hard this had to be for Mike… I’m so proud of him that he did this :pray:t2: it would have been a dream for me to have been there with you guys…

@melisLP thank you :kissing_heart: I’m doing a little better this morning, hopefully I will be able to ski anxiety free today :pray:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:

@LP13413 have a good night and rest properly, you deserve it after a long day :kissing_heart:


I hope so too one plus is that I have two weeks of sick leave lol

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I can talk again today! Whoooo! My throat is a bit sore and I have this nasty cough but it’s all worth it.

I even managed to get out of the house and do grocery shopping. Now it’s pouring so I’m going to b lazy at the house for the rest of the day.