What are you hoping for from the upcoming album?

I myself am hoping for more piano tunes and riffs, cause I’m a pianist :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also hoping for more rapping and singing from both Chester and Mike, cause the last album felt more like they were doing more of their own thing, rather than working together as much as they did with the older songs such as A Place For My Head.

What do you hope to hear?

More rapping! Love the “raps” in for example nobody’s listening and By myself!

personally, I hope there will be more Chester’s screaming -
I would like to hear something like crawling or also faint :smiley:

I love piano too! I love it when it’s slightly background like Numb or Breaking The Habit :slight_smile:

I’d love some more Chester screams like Blackout and I’d love to hear some of the old sound like Mike and Chester with the rap/rock combination. Guitar solos like Brad’s in Little things Give You Away would be cool too :slight_smile:

I hope they will stay true to themselves as always while making awsome music! I don’t mind all the experiments with new sounds and such, they have to renew themselves once in a while! No matter what they’ll do, I think I’ll love it :slight_smile: I do not agree with those who say that their new music is crap because it most certainly is not!

For me - i don’t really hope for anything. I’m up to new stuff, “old stuff” etc!
I’ll let surprise myself!

Some heavy breakdowns, I even like the slow breakdowns (Catalyst) amazing. Hopefully they’ll keep that structure to the song. Linkin Park always makes the best melodies. Looking forward to see what they got for album number 5!

The most important thing is that they stay true to themselves in the various tracks. :slight_smile:

I loved A Thousand Suns, and wouldn’t mind new tracks along the lines of Robot Boy, Iridescent and Burning in the Skies. :slight_smile: But more rapping is also welcome (even though I can never seem to rap as fast as Mike does in some of the tracks - especially Bleed it Out!). Oh and yes, more piano, lots and lots of piano!

Since I’m huge rap and rock fan, but I’m hoping a combination of rapping from Mike and Chester’s screams. Heavy guitar riffs from Brad and Mike. More DJ scratching/mixing from Joe (Mr. Hahn). I hope to hear more faster pace music, like Meteora and Hybrid Theory, but more up to date. Anyway, I hope, the 5th album be really good. I’m so excited and I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

I cant imagine Piano being involved…at all LOL. As long as they do what they think is right, I will listen to and support their music for many more years to come. This is how I feel.

What I’d like to hear are songs that give me the same feeling as the songs from ATS do and from the first bar of music that’s playing just know that the song is immortal, forever amazing like the songs from Meteora. I want the openness of Minutes to Midnight and the effort of Hybrid Theory. Most of all I want the meaning and emotion from all their songs.

In a nut shell I pretty much want to cry from the amazingness when I hear it.

all im hoping for is that the new album will be as good as all the others they made in the last 10 years +

and of course it will be another perfect album
i mean, we are talking about linkin park here , ok!

so i actually dont really have to say im hoping for it
i know it will be as good
or probably even better

i just know it

I don’t really go into listening to their stuff with expectations. I like to be open minded.
If you go in saying “I want more screams” and there isn’t you find yourself disappointed.
With “The Catalyst” I turned on the radio and just listened and took it all in. At first I was like “What did I just hear?” but it is one of my top 3 favourite LP songs.
So I’m not hoping for anything…apart from amazing music of course.